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    Some of those are fair points but I think they are exaggerated and the OP doesn't talk about any of the five bonuses which in my opinion are almost worth the cost by itself. Nothing is perfect but the whole thing is an amazing deal for $297 and you get a refund guarantee so there's no reason not to try it. I think if you use Social Circle Mastery with Magic Bullets [The DVDs and Braddock refers to specific things in Magic Bullets a lot so it's a very useful companion] you should be OK. And if not, return it and you've at least learned some things from the product for free.

  2. I do agree that the part of building the social circle is not very extensive... you must take the basic you get through the dvds, like how to get stick, climbing the social trees... and use it with conjuntion with the 2 bonuses:

    how to start a social circle from scratch and how to be an alpha male.

    Is it perfect? No, i guess information was out of the original seminar... if it was a 5h seminar... and its presented less than 3 hours.... so i guess that for the price is a great introductions

    Like everthing i think practise make you perfect, this is social skills... i learned most intituitive when i went to university....

    ... so take this as a map, you get directions... not exactly step by step instructions...

    There is only 1 way to develop social skills is practise... so start doing it... there is no other ways....

    PS. in my own experience the more failures, or if you get alot of the same failure is because you are doing something wrong, that is when you get conscious of what to change.

    For example, in conversation sometimes i would also go in an debate and things would escalate out of proportions, i started to realize i did this with many persons... i got this and changed my perspective and comunication strategy... guess what??? i changed and got better results ... this is the way to learn social skills... modelling and counsciious of your patterns and behaviours affect other and you

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    Absolutely Brilliant!

    Hi Guys, I have recently watched the Social Circle Mastery DVD course, and it is amazingly good. There is so much solid advice that I had to stop and start the DVDs a few times. Definitely recommended, well-done Braddock, 10 out of 10!

  4. SCM Review

    I am now applying the knowledge that I have learned in the SCM Home Study Course. The course really corrects much of my wrong concepts like gaming all the girls in social circle and getting popular before getting respect. Well, I would say it 's a bit diffcult and takes a lot of time to regain good reputation and strong boundaries once you have done the wrong things, so now I still haven't yet be very successful in some of my old social circles. I need to blame LoveSystems for not releasing the product earlier like before I went to the college. My overall performance in social circle has really improved a lot after I had changed my game plan, especially in new social circle. Admittedly, I still have to improve some other important aspects of game like how to use humour appropriately. Nonetheless, I think it's just the matter of time for me to get good results now. You guys have really done a great job. Thanks.

  5. I just finished watching the DVD set.

    The material is mind blowing and life changing! Braddock is obviously an amazing person.

    It's hard for to even sum up how awesome this material is. All I can say is go out and get it because this stuff is unreal. This stuff can just change your entire life on so many levels.

    Some of this stuff I used to do naturally when I was younger (when I was cool) but before now no one has ever expressed this kind of thing accurately or systematically. This is nothing less than the Dao of Social Networking.

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    I ordered SCM mastery because I will change country soon and I need to build a new social circle from basically scratch.

    I first watched all the DVDs in a row and there were so many new concepts and notions that I was having a hard time grasping everything. Some of the things Braddock and Mr. M are talking about make perfectly sense immediately and some are definitely more difficult to grasp and I think one needs to play with it to truly get it.

    The main things I got from those DVDs are that a social circle is not a club! It may sound logical to everyone (even me at first glance) but I noticed that I was sometimes approaching girl in a social circle like I would during night game. So the distinction those 2 guys are making is I think crucial: you don’t game girls the same way in a social circle. You need to focus your attention more on your thin slice, connectors, social trees etc. and not on the girl you want and this is the key of this DVD set for me.
    There is a lot to talk about those DVDs like the thin slice, RAS, getting sticky and so on but I think it’s much better to watch them a couple of times.

    The big difference with other LS products is that that one really requires time to be put in place. It’s not a bootcamp, a routine manual or a body language seminar where you can implement what you’ve learned right after it. For me it’s a method for achieving a long term goal.

    If someone wants to buy those DVDs, he needs to be sure of what he really wants. Is it getting laid on the next day or is it cultivating a social circle where he has access to different women?

    If your goal is the first one, then buy other LS products and forget about that one. If your goal is the second one, then I truly think this is a very valuable material

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    Initial thoughts:

    I have not fully digested all the material, but here are the key benefits I have experienced so far:
    * Respect your fellow man - my effective networking at work has increased tenfold!
    * (Hot) women at work are responding more positively to me - one of them has even been invited over to her place this weekend. Now I do not necessarily subscribe to the notion of dipping my pen in company ink/crapping where I eat/sinking my putts on the company green. But, I am hoping to meet her friends ...

    The amount of fulfillment the above two points have given me is worth way more than the price of the SCM homestudy course.

    Purchase this if you want results!

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    I have recently purchased the Social Circle Mastery course. I didn't get a lot out of it myself. 90% of it seems pretty common sense.

    I would like to hear from you guys; what you got out of it yourself? What were the big "ah ha" moments you had while watching/implementing the material.

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    Hey Notyour, some of the posts right above yours talk about things that people got out of Social Circle Mastery.

    True genius often sounds like common sense because it's so right. Answer me thing - were you doing all of things from Social Circle Mastery before you got the program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWayne View Post
    Hey Notyour, some of the posts right above yours talk about things that people got out of Social Circle Mastery.

    True genius often sounds like common sense because it's so right. Answer me thing - were you doing all of things from Social Circle Mastery before you got the program?
    Actually yes I was....but without knowing exactly what they were (like the terms and names for the theory etc). I of course didn't do ALL the stuff in there, but 85% of the things that are covered I was unconsciously doing. I'd say the biggest thing I got from this program myself was "how to deal with Alpha's in the group", and how to bypass them. Before I just did my own thing, and would get sticky with the women outside of the group (unknowingly at the time), which would bypass the Alpha's besides me that were in the group.

    It's not a bad program by any means, it is very detailed. I just expected more "techniques" rather than theory.

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