Social Circle Drama...

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    Social Circle Drama...

    I'll keep this as brief as possible. One of my buddies here at college introduced me to this new group of guys and girls a few months back. All of the people I met are very down to Earth. The group of girls is six deep, but I was instantly attracted to this one girl (HB8). At the time I met her, I was acting extremely beta. I just got out of a LTR and really didn't show her any attention. HB8 didn't have a boyfriend and wasn't hooking up with anyone. Over the next few months, HB8 was IOIing big-time, kinoing me, etc. I knew that I had to close her as soon as I got back from winter break.

    I was always joking with her, making her laugh, busting her balls, etc. I always had this girl laughing and she was eating it up. Last week, we were at this party, both wasted, and we were flirting hardcore. She ended up asking me to come back to her place and we fucked. It was good, not the best I've ever had, but still good. We both agreed to take shit slowly and she was worried that she looked like a slut. I reassured her that everything was alright and I didn't think less of her. I ended up sleeping with her again a few days later.

    Well, her room mates (who all like me and have been very friendly) apparently cornered HB8 and were accusing her of being easy, whatever. HB8 automatically accused me of telling other people that we hooked up and whatever. I told her that I'm not dealing with the drama and I don't tell other people about my personal life (which is the truth). I told her that I'd just leave her alone. She started apologizing constantly, asking me if I was still mad at her, etc. I basically just ignored her, told her to come talk to me like an adult next time, etc. She kept saying that she didn't want to lose me, she was having fun, etc. I just kept repeating the same stuff to her.

    Basically, I think some of the other girls were getting jealous that I was into HB8. I know this one girl is always eyeing me down and I have no interest in her. HB8 is a little, quiet? and can be overpowered by louder people. HB8 just kept saying that it was wrong of her to accuse me and whatever.

    So my question is: How do I handle this now? We share the same social circle and I'm not the type to physically escalate in public. Even when we were talking at the party last night, I tried to put my arm around her and she moved away. I know girls can't stand it when their friends think less of them and all.

    I like the girl and she's definitely my #1 option, but I do have other options as well. I'm thinking that I just take some space for awhile and let her emotions cool off.

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    Gotta hate drama.

    When you get into something more than a one night stand, you always run the risk of getting hit by drama (I'm sure you already know this since you've been in a LTR). Bitches be trippin' all day. The best way to handle drama is to keep on keepin' on. If you think this girl is worth all the bullshit, keep trudging through. You're going to want to accept her apology and tell her how she isn't easy and blah blah blah stuff like that. It's also important to keep in good terms with the social circle. Talk to some of her friends about this whole situation. Make them feel comfortable with her being with you. Easy Peasy. (assuming she's worth it)

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    Even though it's in the early stages, she's worth it. I really think my best bet is probably to just let the whole thing go and give it some space. I didn't talk to her at all yesterday and I think that was probably my best move. Girls were getting angry and stuff at her for virtually no reason. Why should they care about her when the other girls are ten times worse with other guys? Just doesn't make any sense.

    Anyone else?

  4. Dude. It's college. Just keep bangin girls. You only experience it once. She'll give you drama when she finds out..but at the same time it makes her and the rest of em want you more, keeping your options open is key in college..AND you can always says "hey we're not together, so is it really any of your business?..Of course unless you really want to DATE this girl and not experience the rest of college life...then by all means do it. I know guys who have kept 2 on the hook for over a year, banging them both with no strings. The thing about talking to her friends about her? I disagree with that. I made that mistake my freshmen year...she was the hottest one of all of the friends, then they all had me right there and asked me about her and I was like "i really like her" BOOM ruined everything and i never got to bang her again.

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