Jeremy Soul's Reading & Watching List

There are so many resources available to teach you how to meet women and help you improve your love life. You guys are lucky! Not all of this stuff was around when I first started out (I had to mostly learn the hard way through trial and error).

Check out pages for information on my workshops, products and Love Systems official resources to train yourself in dating skills.

Here are some of my other favorite resources that have helped me learn pick up artist skills over the years.


The Game, Neil Strauss

The quintessential book for any wannabe pick up artist! Not entirely PC at times, and I definitely don’t subscribe to a lot of the methodology used in here (notably, the dishonesty and over-reliance on parlour tricks and routines), but this is ultimately what got me started in my journey to get better with women. Mad props to Neil Strauss and Mystery for their involvement in this incredible book.

4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss

A book about lifestyle and business really, but taught me a lot about dating as well. Namely how to be more efficient and stop dealing with people who waste your time (i.e. aren’t good people for you to date). It also stimulated a massive interest in business for me; I applied a lot of its principles to build my Jeremy Soul brand, and used its lifestyle principles to, well, have a lot of fun, wink.

Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferazzi

The quintessential book on social networking. If you’re interested in building a social circle for getting ahead with business relationships, this book is a must read. I’d also highly recommend getting Mr M and Braddock’s Social Circle Mastery DVDs - they go into a lot more detail on the specifics of leveraging social circles for meeting and dating women.

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

A good companion to Never Eat Alone, this book taught me a lot of what I know about the “comfort” phase of the Love Systems Triad model, i.e. how to make people you talk to feel comfortable and relaxed with you.

Switch, Chip and Dan Heath

This is an amazing analysis and commentary on motivation, logic vs. emotion, and how to keep both in check to effect the changes you want in your life. I teach its principles to my clients often.

Pulling Your Own Strings, Wayne Dyer

I haven’t actually read this one (at time of writing this), but my colleagues at Love Systems rave about it. I think it’s a good one for learning how not to take bullshit from people (women you date included), and should help you with being challenging and instigating what we call “takeaways and boundaries.”

Way of the Superior Man, David Deida

A fantastic book reminding men to be men. A great read if you find yourself wondering how not to lose your power as a man once you’re in a relationship, but to retain all those qualities that made her fall for you in the first place.

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand

One of my all-time favorite novels, espousing the virtues of reason, individualism and capitalism. A long read (and very slow to start), but if you’ve ever wondered whether life is about sacrifice for the ones you love, or looking after yourself, this book offers an interesting perspective.

Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts

The ultimate traveling companion. A great novel that tells of one man’s integrity, passion, and travails in the face of great adversity. A truly epic tale and my other all-time favorite novel. A great one to read if you need tips on storytelling (this guys know how to tell a story).

TV Shows


Hank Moody is the ultimate ladies’ man. Women just fall over themselves trying to sleep with him. Some of the show is unrealistic (mainly how often women make proactive moves on him), but his dialogue and how he reacts to things around him makes for great material to improve your own interactions. His lines are seductive and often hilarious at the same time!


The main character, Christian Troy, is a legend with women. Check out his body language, his dialogue and how he reacts to shit tests that woman give him.

Lie To Me

This show taught me tons about reading people. It’s based on a real guy (Paul Ekman) who discovered and trains people in reading “microexpressions.” I’ve applied some of what I learned to my workshops, teaching clients and my own personal love life.


If you need something to aim for in Social Circle Mastery, this is surely it! A classic lad’s TV show, just pure inspiration.