READ THIS FIRST - How to use this (special) forum

This special subforum is for the local Love Systems community. A few common questions answered:

* Feel free to advertise for "wingmen" or people to go out with. We strongly recommend that you do NOT include contact information (email, phone, etc.) in your posts. It'll be picked up by spammers and your email will be publicly viewable by Google. The moderator team is volunteers and don't have time to be editing or deleting posts on your behalf, not that it would matter anyway since the internet saves everything, so be careful what you write.

(Just invite people to send you a PM - that's all private)

* No advertising. It doesn't matter if Barack Obama, Anthony Robbins, or the revived ghost of Don Juan is coming to your area to give a free talk, it can't be advertised here. This includes anything that describes itself as or is similar to a "lair meeting" or anything commercial.

* All the regular forum rules apply.

Basically, just make sure you protect your privacy, don't spam, and play nice. Enjoy the special forum!