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    Quote Originally Posted by portlandboy View Post
    Not blown out nor I'm ejecting. 99% are them ejecting.
    This doesn't seem right. I'm not the best pua in the world, but I only have a 50% ejection rate. Most women like to stop and flirt. My number close rates are roughly 8 to 1, or about one number for every 8 approaches. In grocery stores it's even better, 1 in 4 are number closes.
    You might want to buy the Love Systems routine manual. It will teach you about approaching, attraction, qualifying, and disqualifying. I have also learned in day game to keep the negs and push/pull to a minimum. These chicks are not bar chicks. If they don't like what you say they can just keep walking. I find that in street approach a more friendly gentlemanly manner works best. Body language is important also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hrang View Post
    How many approaches do you need to get good?

    As many as it takes.
    I think there's a lot of miss-information coming from the big pua's and book sellers. I've been a pua for twelve years and have read every book under the sun, and talked to hundreds of other pua's. Most of the big pua's did 2,000 or more approaches before they got good, some did more. These are the good pua's. Imagine how many more an average dork might have to do.
    In my opinion, most decent puas (decent meaning a guy who gets 10 or more f-closes a year) is probably going to do 5,000 or more approaches before he gets decent at it. And 10 lays a year might be the best he ever does. Sorry, man, it's just life. Some guys are going to be the star on the basketball team, some of us are going to come off the bench and score ten points. You can practice more and more if you want to, but if you aren't tall, and aren't naturally athletic, you'll never be the star. At the very most you might average 12 points a game, but that's still pretty good.
    I think there's this mythical idea that aspiring pua's fall for. They think their bed is going to be full of hb10's in a big pile on top of him, doing all kinds of crazy sex acts. This is rare. Very few men and pua's will ever see this kind of action. It's best to enjoy the women that you do have sex with, and then try to remember the small handfuls of times that you were in bed with an hb10.
    Also, never forget how fast time marches on. You may be 25 today, but 45 tomorrow, with 65 just around the corner. Seriously, do you think you will be bedding 25 year old hot blondes at age 70? Probably not unless you're one of those few men who looks good in his 70's. This is why the pua lifestyle should be considered a hobby, along with the other hobby's that you have.

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    Who the hell still even calls themselves a PUA these days? Damn!

    This question is somewhat irrelevant and not really worth the energy of discussing. Anyone can throw numbers around and we could go with the standard "1000 approaches" blah blah.

    Truth is, you'll get good when you get good. It may take you 100 approaches, it may take you 10,000 (I'd hope not!), who knows. All you really need to focus on is improving yourself, improving your skill set and letting time take care of the rest.
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  4. took me 15 approaches.

  5. Consistency is king. I probably did 500 approaches before i got decent, but most of those were just on the weekend or when I felt like it and it took several years. Then I did three approaches per day for 30 days and my ability went through the roof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vox View Post
    Who the hell still even calls themselves a PUA these days? Damn!
    Your own company calls themselves PUAs.

    Why should anyone buy into this "PUA Superconference" when it's own instructors are cutting it down? Damn!


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    Quote Originally Posted by gq1 View Post
    Your own company calls themselves PUAs.

    Why should anyone buy into this "PUA Superconference" when it's own instructors are cutting it down? Damn!


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