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    Awesome post. If you are really good, you are good everywhere in the world, but sure there are always slight (but sometimes important differences in different countries.

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    European Girls

    I'm moving to Europe for a year and I heard the European girls are more 'aggressive' than North American girls.

    For example I was in Germany at a language camp last year and this Spanish girl that was in my class (a 9!) approached me on a train (we where going bowling with a big group of students from the school)

    *This was before I knew anything about The Game*.

    She asked me what I thought the song lyrics where to this song. *I was thinking 'wtf I don't care'*. At the time I didn't realize what was going on, but looking back on it I realize that she approached me and did an opener on me. It worked too

    The point is, These European girls aren't afraid to approach guys. Like the OP said European girls aren't afraid to escalate once you get past their B-Shield!

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