Field Report Guidelines

Field Reports are an excellent way to share experiences and get feedback about real situations you encountered “in the field.” Online chats, telephone calls, texting or dreams you had about picking up Kate Hudson should be written up in their related forums and are not Field Reports.

Field Reports are descriptions of pick-ups (successful or not) or sexual encounters you had in real life.

Please write about only recent events (something that occurred within the last two weeks) when posting a Field Report. The intention is to deal with what’s happening in your life right now, not something that occurred a few years ago.

Field Report Journals are also permissible. A journal is a thread in which you regularly post about your progress, experiences, sticking points and more.

What to Include

The best Field Reports contain details about the environment (where you were, what it was like), who you were with, who you approached, what you said, how she responded, and everything that happened after that. Write up as much as the conversation as possible, as those details often contain the gold of a Field Report. Post about your failures as well as your successes – there’s something to learn from both.

What to Leave Out

Although providing details is encouraged, our Forum policies prohibit sharing private information about someone that could be used to identify them. The fact that she has a tattoo of a rose on her ass is not private information. Her real name, where she goes to school, where she works and when, photos, videos, recordings, actual telephone numbers, screen names, and anything similar is private information that could be used to identify her and you can’t post that as part of your Field Report. A good test of how well you disguised their identify is that if a close friend of theirs read your Field Report, they wouldn’t be able to identify their friend from the details.

Example - Sufficient Disguising of Details:
My friends and I went to a popular restaurant in the downtown area, and while we were waiting outside, we noticed a hot blonde in a short skirt eating a banana at a bus stop.

Example - Insufficient Disguising of Details:
My friends and I went to Bar Noir at 6 p.m. on Friday night, because there’s a waitress there named Erica (red hair, big tits) we both want to bang. She works there every Friday and Saturday night. She’s a senior at Loyola and her dad owns a Mercedes dealership on Melrose.

About Photos, Videos and Recordings

Our rules are designed to protect the privacy of other people, and to help you avoid creating unnecessary drama in your life if someone who doesn’t want her photo posted online finds that you posted it. Although it is permissible to post a photo if the face has been blurred or you send us the written, signed consent of that person to post the photo here, it’s rarely worth the effort just to prove to a bunch of guys you don’t know that the hot Asian you f-closed in the club bathroom is truly hot. For what we hope are obvious reasons, posting secretly recorded video or secretly recorded audio is not allowed.

Threads or posts that don't adhere to these guidelines may be edited or deleted by the mod team.

If you have any questions, ask before posting.