Read this first - it's short

Welcome to The Attraction Forums.

This is a free, public message board about dating, attraction, and relationships. It's mostly about men picking up women, but there are a sizable number of female members here.

The Attraction Forums are a little edgier than what you might be used to. You'll find a lot of advice about picking up women in bars and clubs for one night stands, threesomes, or more. You'll also find a lot of guys who are more interested in traditional relationships, dating, and so on.

The theme of this place is "How To". This isn't a place to brag or tell stories or waste time. It's to share specific and useful information with each other. Love Systems (which has produced most of the best information) calls it "dating science". It's the idea that men can improve their success with women by testing and sharing techniques - from "opening lines" to the perfect text message after you got her phone number to the date that's virtually guaranteed to end up back at your place, and everything in between and besides.

Now that you know what this place is about, feel free to start looking around, or check out the next thread to help you get started with Dating Advice 101.