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    Day Game Workshops - LIVE TRAINING

    To learn all of the tools and techniques to succeed at Day Game, there is no better place to go than to Jeremy Soul.

    His powerful weekend workshops are spit between "classroom" exercises, drills, and exclusive techniques and "in-field". In-field means going with Jeremy Soul to malls, coffee shops, even street corners, watching and learning from the master at work, and having him watch you and critique your game. Doing pick ups over and over until you get it right, you'll leave the workshop with not only the ability to meet women during the daytime for the rest of your life, but probably a fistful of phone numbers as well!

    For more information and an up-to-date schedule, click the link below:
    The Attraction Forums (TAF) Admin.

    A couple of the best routines from Attraction Forums users have been published in the PUA Routines Manual. TAF for the win.

  2. I wonder why teaching social dynamics cost SO much?! I assume it restricts the major population (middle class) from developing priceless social skills, which sucks but makes sense.

  3. Supply and demand. Everyone in the world wants these "unreachable" skills. And in comparison to the population on a select few have the tried and true skills to offer it.

  4. Any workshops near Maiami?

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    Hey buffdady07, day game specific not sure, however Miami is a rather popular city for programs so there will no doubt be programs there at some point.
    If you're interested in taking a program PM me for more info.
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