New in Paris, looking for 1. Good clubs for pick up 2. Good dating locations. 3.Wing

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    New in Paris, looking for 1. Good clubs for pick up 2. Good dating locations. 3.Wing

    Hey guys I am Max from Germany,
    I am living in Paris now- but only know "normal" people- who can not really tell me much about where to go out etc.- since they go for "dancing" (if one can call it that, to stand in the corner with a beer and wait for shit to happen)

    I'd like some guidance and some friends with whom I can discuss and find solutions for our inborn desires. However I am not into discussing strategie and methodology stuff etc.- I play my own game and it does not work according to the Mystery Method or various other theories- but it works great for me- so I don't care- I just care about making it work even better- by practice. I need good locations etc. for that, I don't have the time to investigate myself, since I am working a lot.
    Looking forwards to hearing from you!


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    Hi Max,

    I have been in Paris for almost two years and am trying to get into the game here. IMO, the best night spots are those bars where people are standing and socializing rather than cafes where people are sitting and into themselves. For that, you can try any number of english/irish/australian style pubs (those tend to be pretty social), which are all over the city. I also like the bars around oberkampf in the 11th and in the 5th (good student crowd). I am still working on my french skills so have not had much success yet with local girls, but I am always looking to practice. PM me if you are looking for a wingman sometime.


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