Phone Consult with Gil Rio (2 different times)

OK so first off, @Gil Rio, if you're reading this, i know its like 3 years and 2 years too late, but I just never got around to it, IM SORRY!!!

I had two phone consults with Gil in the past, one of them back in 2012 and another in 2013.
Both situations, I was very interested in a girl who I had NO physical relationship with, and I wanted to move things further.

First one, was 2 years older than me, very cute, big ego. She worked in the same office as me. Most of what I had done with her so far was text game, and one date (which started as a group of friends going to smoke hookah, and ended with me and her going to dinner). But i didn't feel like I was progressing correctly. I got a phone consult with Gil...explained to him the whole situation (mostly me reading a LONG list of texts between me and her).
He was SPOT ON with everything he said. She was already becoming resistant at that point, but i followed Gil's advice (absence of red light ) and moved forward.
On our next date, we ended up at the beach and had sex at like 2 am. She ended up becoming my girlfriend of 4 months, at which point i started getting really tired of her, and broke it off. Unfortunately she still hates me to this day. I know, I am an ass, but I am still not good at getting the lay and avoiding the relationship that creeps up on you.

Fast forward like 8 months.
I start getting interested in another girl. (This one I actually want to be in a relationship with). BUT, this one thinks I am an asshole already due to what I did to the previous girl (ya we all worked in the same office...i know, im an idiot).
So, get on the phone with Mr. Gil again lol, and again read him long lines of texts and recreate conversations I had with her in person.
Same as the first, he was SPOT ON with his advice. Told me some stuff more unique to the situation with this girl, and again reminded of absence of red light lol.
Next date I have with her, we end up back in the parking lot of our office at 1am. I go in for the kiss. It was a long kiss. After i release she says "GODDAMIT how did you manage to make me like you, I tried so damn hard to keep this from happening!!!!!" I have been teasing her about it ever since.
We ended up getting into a relationship, its been almost 2 years. Unfortunately, the magic has died down a bit, and we both are beginning to understand that we are not compatible with each other. A break-up is imminent, probably give it max another 6 months.
Hence why I am here on these forums again, cuz I know I have probably become rusty from not being in the game for so long.

So, 2 for 2 Gil!
And no, I will not be getting in another relationship again for a VERY long time.

Although I am sure all the other instructors are more than perfect, I can't speak for them, because I haven't experienced it myself.
But I HIGHLY recommend Gil for phone consult, and probably 1 on 1 as well.
His game is solid, and he is VERY good at shaping things to your situation. Not one thing that he told me was off. And once I am single again, I will probably go for a one on one with him to help me get back into the game.

Thanks so much Gil, and again, so sorry for the delay of the review.