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  1. I know I am bumping an old thread here, but the book is still on sale

    Now here is my question:
    Given the inordinate number of times I am blown out by "I have a boyfriend", how is this book going to help me? I want Jeremy Soul himself to comment, if he can. This is a recurring problem I have day or night game.

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    "I got a boyfriend" is something we all get, and the more inexperienced we are, the more we get it. If it happens right off the opener or very early on, it's because you're showing too much interest too soon. But generally, when you are all new it seems like 99% of girls have boyfriends but the better you get, the lower that number goes, until the point where it seems like almost NO girls have boyfriends. To learn more about that, read She Has A Boyfriend by Savoy, it explains it very well.

    "I got a boyfriend" is generic feedback on your game. To get rid of it, keep working on your game. The End.

    Daytime Dating presents a lot of information in a more structured way than when finding it in the free material. But I don't think it will help you because you seem to have regressed to your old ways of looking for external excuses for your lack of success. When in that state of mind, almost nothing will help you.

    I haven't seen anything from you since you posted your last two infield videos. I remember those two videos being very good approaches for someone who hasn't taken training. Even [MENTION=126101]Gil Rio[/MENTION] said they were descent, and he is not that easily impressed. Why don't you start a journal soon and post about your latest approaches (Or do some approaches to post about), you have already entered the marathon towards getting rid of your "incel" status, don't give up now. The finishing line is there. But you need to get back on track.

  3. I will be putting up a journal shortly. Some cause for hope in your PM Tank, thanks...

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    Tank rocks. he's spot on

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