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    The beauty of day game is that you stand a much better chance of meeting women that:

    1. Aren't cheating-prone drunks/barflies/clubbers.
    2. Will remember your name and number when you call.
    3. Will answer the phone.

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    One of the best parts about Daygame is that the quality of women is so much higher. Not being much of a club rat, meeting beautiful women when I'm out shopping or just needed a caffeine fix, is such a liberation that I can't even begin the thank Soul and Love Systems for this incredibly powerful tool. Daygame is so damn easy, that the first successful set I had I though was completely by accident. Invaluable book to have on your bookshelf if you're single!

  3. Great sharing of these books. Thanks.

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    I made a youtube vid for mine. Check it out:

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    Soul's Daytime Dating book is solid. I don't really like bars, so it was very helpful to me. It's a very natural approach that always leads to the woman having something positive to say. By the way, girls like it a lot. The book was my foundational reading for Day Game.

    Also, check out the day game chapter in Magic Bullets which has additional tactics. Cajun says that the direct, "I noticed you and I would be kicking myself if I didn't come meet you" is one of the most appreciated approaches by women.

    Check it out.

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    Marlo Stanfield Guest

    The chapter on Conversation Mapping alone is worth the price of admission. Like many of the concepts introduced (or invoked from other related works such as Magic Bullets), the logic behind CM makes such perfect sense that I kicked myself for not realizing it myself. But that's the rub- the material all makes sense, you WILL say "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?" but these are lessons that you and 99% of the other male, red-blooded hominids walking around simply have not learned well enough to put into practice. Daytime Dating will change that.

    Don't get me wrong, I still crash and burn and you will too, but now I'm like the T-1000: a learning computer. Every time I crash it's a lesson learned, and something to leverage in a future interaction. After enough approaches (read: ten or so) youíll notice yourself start to relax a bit because you've internalized some of the lessons. Your mind will be freed up to think a few moves ahead, or more effectively pull useful conversational strands from a womanís responses.

    Long story short- this book has helped me develop a skill set that I heretofore never even thought possible, and for that it was worth every red cent. In my situation- busy professional but not prepared to make a huge cash outlay on pickup right now- it helps me maximize my efforts in finding a woman (or several of them) without adding a ton of additional time or costs to what I'm out doing anyways.

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    I purchased daytime dating by Soul too, along with magic bullets and almost all the other LoveSystems products. I was until few weeks ago in a relationship with a super pretty girl met in Rome Italy, it s where I'm from, during a morning session of Daygame using LoveSystems technics. I had some night bars success and relationships in the past months and an overall succes with women using LoveSystems products since January 2010.

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    The short and sweet of daytime dating is that it is both pure gold and life changing. It dispels many common misconceptions about meeting women, when and where it is possible, and how to go about it successfully. It also usefully addresses many of the anxieties and fears men experience when meeting highly attractive new women. I got Daytime Dating after having read Love Systemís flagship product ďMagic BulletsĒ and being thoroughly impressed with the results. Having imbibed the contents of Daytime Dating, I can now meet beautiful women that catch my attention in every setting, from walking down the street to coffee shops and restaurants, using simple, authentic techniques. Essentially, Daytime Dating teaches the ability to successfully approach intriguing women in any situation in an accessible and logical yet detailed manner that anyone can learn. Frequently it answers questions you didnít even realize you wanted to ask yet. Prior to reading Daytime Dating, I was limited to meeting girls at parties, thru friends, and randomly when the chance presented itself, chances which were increasingly limited since leaving college. Those environments had been easy to navigate due to my knowledge from Magic Bullets, but I constantly missed opportunities to meet the myriad of beautiful girls that I saw in my every day life. Now, with help from Soul in Daytime Dating, I have the confidence to approach stunning women on buses and trains, walking down the street, sitting in a restaurant, and most recently the VIP of one of Seattleís most popular nightclubs. It was just before I had to leave, but wiled my way into the VIP where I easily approached the hottest girl in the club, an undeniable ď10Ē who was partying with her friends and left with her number in a matter of minutes. This was something I had never even considered possible until I read some of the stories about Soul and read Daytime Dating. A direct approach (doing right up and stating your interest in a woman) is one of the most satisfying things I have ever done as a man, regardless of the outcome; the feelings of assertiveness and confidence are incredible, addictive and cant be replicated doing anything else. Thanks daytime dating, Soul, and Love Systems, for vastly improving my life!

  9. yeah im reading the book at the moment, it is realy great.

  10. I will definitely check this out, I have a feeling this one is more of my game. I've been having a hard time getting dates since forever and hopefully my chances will improve with this recommendation.

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