10 Tips For Getting The Most Out of Bootcamps and Workshops

Dating bootcamps and workshops are a great investment in yourself. Over a couple days you will change into a person you have always wanted to be: the guy who can be successful around beautiful women.

You learn the tricks of the trade on how to become a guy that is attractive to women. Plus, you know how to connect with women and eventually start a relationship. After taking a bootcamp myself with Love Systems, helping out on Love Systems bootcamps and eventually turning instructor, I noticed a few things on how you can get the most out of a bootcamp. Here are 10 tips for getting most out of a Love Systems bootcamp.

Before Bootcamp

1. Do some approaches before taking a bootcamp. The more field experience you have, the more you will get out of a bootcamp. If you still have approach anxiety (you are afraid approaching women), try to get it under control as soon as possible. Start approaching women till you feel like you have your approach anxiety under a controllable feeling. My estimate is that a couple hundred approaches are sufficient to be able to approach most women.

If you have approach anxiety before taking the bootcamp, do not worry. At the end of the bootcamp, you should have very small levels of approach anxiety. You will get taught how to get rid of approach anxiety as much as possible. It never goes away, but you can learn to control it and not let affect your game.

2. Study before bootcamp. Itís not a requirement to have read any dating material. Over the course of three days, you will all the information you need to successfully attract and date beautiful women.

If you have studied beforehand, like reading Magic Bullets and Routines Manual, and you know and understand most of the concepts then the teaching at the bootcamp will make more sense. You will still learn a lot of new things but material will click faster if youíve studied beforehand.

3. Get rested. We donít call it ďbootcampĒ for nothing. You will be emotionally, physically, and mentally drained at the end of the third day. During the day you will take a lot of notes, concentrate, do exercises, and you will go out too picking up girls! While this is fun it is also very intensive and it requires a lot of energy. That is why you want to be complete rested before you attend your bootcamp. If youíre coming from another city, arrive at the bootcamp city a day before.

During Bootcamp

4. Take notes. This may seem obvious, but write as many notes as you can. Donít just listen and absorb the information, even if you hear information you might already know. After the bootcamp you have material you can reference. You wonít be able to go back to a bootcamp (unless youíre willing to pay for it of course), so have those notes written down. I still go over my bootcamp notes once a while.

5. Tell your instructor what your level of game is. It doesnít matter how good you are already, even advanced guys go to bootcamps to elevate their game. But to get better feedback, let your instructors know what your level of game is.

* How long have you been studying Love Systems?
* How many cold approaches have you done?
* How many girls have you had sex with?
* What do you think are your 3 biggest weaknesses in your game?

Your answers to these questions are very useful for instructors so they can give you REALLY GOOD feedback.

6. Ask questions. A bootcamp is a life changing experience and youíve paid a lot of money for it. Donít be afraid to ask questions to instructors no matter how stupid you think it is. Every student is there for the same reason: to improve their dating life. So donít be ashamed to ask questions. Instructors are there to help YOU.

7. After your infield sessions write down all your thoughts. You will get live feedback from instructors and also at the end of the night. Try to remember as much as possible. Before you go to sleep write all your ideas, thoughts, and feedback down while they are still fresh. It doesnít matter if it makes sense or not, just write down what is going through your mind. Writing will reinforce your ideas and thoughts. Then the next day, the bootcamp will start with a debrief and evaluation of the previous night. Take your notes out that you have written down before you went to sleep. Discuss them with the class and the instructors.

8. Make friends and find wingmen. Having a good wingman is convenient and makes your game so much better too. He can run interference, occupying people, motivate you, and give feedback. Sadly, good wingmen are hard to find. Fortunately, your fellow bootcamp comrades are the perfect candidates to become your wing. You guys went through the same experience, have the same goals, and studied the same material. Make friends with the buddies at bootcamp because you guys can be each otherís wingman!

After Bootcamp

9. Go out with your wingmen. This goes back to the previous point. Taking a bootcamp is just the beginning of self-improvement. Whatís the point of taking a bootcamp if you will not implement the teachings? The majority of the work is up to you. The bootcamp is merely a weekend of learning and showing you the tools and techniques. So go out and practice what you have learned with your fellow bootcamp comrades. In fact, Jeremy Soul also said that having a good wingman will help your game more than anything after a workshop.

10. Lounge Access
As part of attending a Love Systems bootcamp you will get exclusive access to the Lounge. Itís a private only for Love Systems instructors and people who have taken a bootcamp. That way you are guaranteed to get advice from people who know what they are talking about. Instructors post daily their latest ideas and tips. Plus itís full of content (dating back to 2004!) that you will not find anywhere else.