How to reduce sexual desire

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    How to reduce sexual desire

    I don't feel embarrassed of my sexual desires, but lately, I have been feeling very turned on. Well, sex with my partner has decreased because some relationship problem, but I know that soon things will get back to normal.

    My question is how can I reduce my sexual desire? I don't want to resort to masturbation all the time. It is said that it can cause problems.

    Could you give some advice on this?

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    You can't really reduce sexual desire. It's the desire that keeps you alive. What you can do though, is to embrace it. Accept the feeling instead of resisting it, and it'll go away after a while.

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    Find other things to do, the more active the better. It's pretty hard to have energy to do much when you have just jogged or ridden a bike for a few miles or worked out for an hour.

  4. nicotine. i started getting laid when i started smoking. makes you last longer too

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluespirit View Post
    nicotine. i started DYING when i started smoking. makes you look older too
    There I fixed your post for you, seriously, suggesting someone stat smoking is retarded and not even what he was asking about.

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    its not good for your health.. lower your fat intake will lower your testostrone a little bit.. but really.. i would be happy having a high desire!! muggzys idea is grand plus your getting fit and into shape all in one! (which may also help with your ladies attraction..a very little bit)

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MuGGzy View Post
    There I fixed your post for you, seriously, suggesting someone stat smoking is retarded and not even what he was asking about.
    haha i understand where you coming from. Nicotine really does seem to lower sexual desire for me. However it is def not for everyone

  8. Honestly, just jerk off. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing it once a day, and that's all you should need to keep your desire in check.

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    masturbation is neither harmful or dangerous, if youre circumcised you may want to use lubrication as its the only time it may hurt. The non masturbatory way is to basically occupy your mind, read a book, do maths, its just an erection, ignore it and it goes away

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    if you serious about this then what you would need to do is voluntarly set up a Internet Filter.

    to avoid the arousal you need to stay away from things that would arouse you.

    so setting up the internet filter for yourself would lower your arousal on the NET. the other reason is because a lot of the times you get a website or banner that is in some way sexually appealing. those will immediately begin projecting sex in your mind and thus you will want more of it.

    this is something i recommend for EVERYONE in that when you lose your fun in porn we can project that to real life women!

    so it sorta forced that we have to go out and do approaches because our penises are at sake!

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