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  1. This DVD is awesome. All the guys have done an amazing job on it.
    The DVD covers from very basic body language, like posture to more “advanced” (Read: subtle) like sub-communication.

    I’ve had the pleasure of running into Vercetti once, and one of things that stood out about him, was his BL. He is so fine-tuned and calibrated it’s mind-blowing. I remember that night, he didn’t open a single set… all the sets WERE OPENING HIM. It was insane.
    When I heard that he was releasing a body language DVD, I remember thinking “Man, they’ve got the right guy working on it”.

    Mr.M is behind the camera and I’ve never met Cajun.
    The bonus DVD’s are also very, very good. Special attention to the first one.

    Here is what you can expect:

    1st DVD:
    • Introduction - Cajun gives a brief introduction
    • Introductory Look at Body Language - Vercetti
      • Presence
      • Awareness
      • Personal Space
    • Understanding Body Language - Vercetti
      • What is Body Language
      • Inner Game
      • Signals
      • How do Woman Respond
      • Thin Slicing
    • A Detailed Look at Body Language - Vercetti
      • Eye Contact
      • Stance and Shields
      • Greetings

    2nd DVD:
    • Eye Contact - Verctti
      • The Science behind it
      • How to listen with your eyes
      • Exercises
    • Voice - Verctti
      • Tone
      • Vocal Mechanics
      • Breathing Exercises
      • Emoting
      • Tempo
      • Pitch Range
      • Acoustics
    • Movement and Touch - Verctti
      • Biorhythms
      • Making an Appearance
      • Comfort in Movement
      • Dancing
      • Movement Exercises

    3rd DVD:
    • Introduction to Physical Escalation
    • Social Touching 5.0
      • Being Non Sexual
      • Emphasizing Points
      • Neutral Zones
    • Friendly Touching 5.0
      • Using Callbacks
      • Creating Social Proof
      • Reading Situations
      • Routines
    • Romantic Touching - 5.0
      • Transitioning
      • Push – Pull
      • Indicators of Interest
      • Creating a Lasting Impression
      • Compliance Tests
      • Dancing
    • Sexual Touching - 5.0
      • Logistics
      • Pacing the Escalation
      • Increasing Passion and Aggression
      • Routines

    4th DVD:
    • Sexual PresenceCajum
      • Rock Stars
      • Poeticize You Presence
      • Sexually Charges Movements
    • Restraint Cajum
      • What is Restraint?
      • The Alpha Male
      • Being Unreactive
    • Subtext and MystiqueCajum
      • First Impressions
      • What is Subtext
      • Channeling
      • Believing You Subtext

    1st Bonus DVD
    • Rapid Escalation - Keychan
      • Testing Compliance
      • Leading the Interaction
      • Demonstration
      • Overcoming Tests
    • Day Game
      • Opening
      • How to Stop Moving Targets
      • Transition to Conversation

  2. I took a look at this product yesterday.

    This is exactly what I need. Based on the recommendations here I'm going to buy it immediately.

    I'll let everyone know what I think of it in a couple of weeks.

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    Disc 2 of the Beyond Words product is my favourite by far. So it was no surprise that when I heard that Vercetti's performance will soon be immortalized into an epic story, I'd to share it with you.
    Check out the trailer.

    (If you've never failed, you've never lived.)

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    Beyond words is probably the best LS product that I know so far!

    This DVD set teaches you how to become aware of your body posture, of your body language and also read and understand other people’s body language. It’s not about words and routines, it’s about what’s going on underneath which counts for more than 90% of your communication. Not mastering this means not being able to master social understanding and at the end not being able to master game.
    This set brings you exercises and insights you can incorporate in your daily life to improve yourself and the way people see you. It’s actually a life coaching!

    Watching those DVDs will clear some common mistakes most guys in bars and clubs make like the beer shield, not locking in etc. Only small details… but very important to get rid of in order to succeed!

    Each LS instructor has his own style and they are all really amazing. The best for me was definitely Cajun… probably because I’ve seen him in action during a BC and most of what he teaches in this DVDs reminds me of what he said during this BC. The guy is a rock star! His body language is rock solid, he exudes so much confidence and easiness it’s just incredible. Actually only paying attention to the way those guys carry themselves in this DVD set teaches you already a lot. The bonuses are also mind blowing specially the one on online dating!

    So to sum up, if you’re thinking about getting one LS product, get this one! It’s the one which will have the most important impact on your life.

    Vercetti, 5.0, Cajun and Keychain thank you guys for making such a high quality product available. It’s a great piece of material.


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    You know a product is solid when you go back to it again and again. Such is the case with Beyond Words. When the DVD's were shipped, I viewed every one from start to finish. Vercetti, being a trained actor, has developed such a commanding presence that you can feel, it is infectious and puts you into that alpha mood. I still perform the posture exercises regularly, and one thing my wings say to me is that I have the best, most stable posture of anyone in the field. This is thanks to my secret weapon!

    Cajun has clearly put a ton of work into emulating proper body language. For a guy who isn't very tall, his body language more than makes up for it. Practice his stances, and a commanding presence will become a part of you.

    I actually watch 5.0's video more than any other, due to the fact that I frequent high-energy clubs. His short-setting, callback humour, games, and dance routine are all things I have incorporated into my game. Just this past friday, I did the "London shot" with a fitness model, it played to perfection, and she ended up back at my place soon after. I have field-tested all of the kino games he explained, and they all work so well. Creating that playful vibe, not being so "pickup serious", is the state that gets created when you practice 5.0's stuff. Pure gold!

    Keychain' rapid escalation is something I am continuously working on, to simply test boundaries. My limiting belief used to be that I need to spend a lot of time "warming her up". While that may be the case, as you develop your game, you can create compliance so that rapid escalation is entirely possible.

    For me, the overlying theme of this DVD set is that these guys have all studied and practiced this stuff infield, and they walk the talk. My game has benefitted greatly from Beyond Words. Yours will too!

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