Adelaide wingman wanted

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  1. Adelaide wingman wanted

    Hey dudes I'm starting out and am looking for a wing. I am new to Adel and left all my AFC mates in Sydney.

    Give me a yell for some night game on wkends.
    Looking forward for some good times and heips of improvement!

    Looking to learn from experienced guys or roll with a beginner like me.

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    Did you have any luck mate?

    I'm trying to get in touch with as many in Adelaide as I can

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    Hey man, I'm in a similar boat. i've had a bad case of AFC relapse for about a year now and have completely lost the somewhat solid game I used to have - probabaly down to a bad case of oneitis. My main social circle is only going to hold me back so naturally a couple of wings would be a great help. It's all buried somewhere in my head and a think a couple of successfull serges may re-create a monster so to speak

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    I'm very keen to get a ball rolling here guys - anyone who's interested should PM me

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    Im defenetly interested in something like this. I'm fresh out the water so to speak. I started by listening to Pickup101 out of interest and now would like to get out there and improve myself

    Im heading to thailand on tuesday for 2 weeks but once im back Im down for a meet up.

  6. Success!

    Hey guys,

    My wingman search went well. I found a wing in almost the same shoes as me and ended up successfully pulling a few ladies. I got a chick almost straight away and so far going strong. Still using game on her and she eats it UPPP
    Cocky & funny of David D has been holding up pretty well
    I would throw some lines from the forum every now and then. They all work great, sometimes tooo great haha!

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    Any of you guys still active in Adelaide please post on my post in the Adelaide section. Want to see how many of you guys are still around
    Project Rockstar 2013

  8. Hi Gents,

    Been out of the game for a couple years. Now back in moved to adelaide a little while ago so looking to hook up with a couple of wings... shoot me a PM if anyone is interested.

    Cheers, Snuggles.

  9. Hello

    Im new to this forum, but I am familiar (if under practised) with game and I am hoping to continue me work on it. If anyone is interested please count me in and contact me through PM.

    Thank you.

  10. Hey Fellow Radelaide sargers

    I've been off the scene for a while but keen to get back in.

    Lets T something up and head out for a night in town.

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