Lexington Ky Venues

McCarthy's: All in all a fun place to go. Fridays and Saturday nights the place is packed full of college students. There is never a cover, and there is always an abundance of sets from the typical larger mixed sets to 2 sets to girls there just hanging out. It's a fun place, awesome in the warmer months when the patio opens, but I feel like thats almost every bar in town.

Molly Brooke's: Another really awesome small scale Irish Pug in town. It's got a higher class feel then McCarthy's but caters to a slightly different clientele. Drinks are priced great, and it's always a good time. Not quite as crowded as other venues. A great place to take to cap off c good date for drinks and jams.

Tin Roof: One of the newest venues in town and one of the fastest growing and most personable. It has that Nashville feel to it and always has a live band playing every weekend. They have great drink specials all week long and is alway crowded on Weekends and weekdays alike. There are a lot of girls that go through there and it's a great place to sarge. If your into cool live bands, awesome drink specials, and a room full of 8's-10's this is your place. Typically a 5 buck cover past 10 on fridays and saturdays but almost always worth the price. There can be a lot of competition for those sets tho. Be prepared to bring your best.

Two Keys Tavern: Two Keys is a Lexington hallmark and is a must visit any day of the week. They have mug night on Mondays and Tuesdays. Purchase a mug and bring it back for dollar drafts both days. On Tuesdays they have my personal favorite event in town with goldfish races. Absolutely a great time, and it brings out some very attractive women every week. Thursday nights are the most wild night in town at Two Keys. 10.00 AUCD (All you care to drink) brings out a huge college crowd. The girls come to have a good time, are fun, friendly, and generally interested. It's a great place to run almost any kind of game from 10 game, to hired guns, to just working on things with some 7's and 8's. You can't go wrong here almost any night of the week.