Future Breakthrough Comfort - NYC, February 2010

I took Future's Breakthrough Comfort yesterday in NYC.

Future is one of the most experienced instructors that you can find. He has a very deep level of understanding game. I listened to all his CDs when I was a beginner and many aspects of my game are based on his knowledge.

The seminar is well organized. He explains basically how to cause a woman to fall in love with you, by following the a series of steps. It was very interesting and some of the stuff there is gangster. Using it you can really cause women to lose their balance and become addicted to you.

I have to say that the seminar is assuming that you have prior knowledge of the game. If you're just out of your Bootcamp, you might not be able to understand the full power of its system. I highly recommend taking this seminar, but only if you have some field and game experience.

Future is a great guy and one of the best instructors. I was happy to hear that he's back and I hope to meet him again.