Never Reject the First Invite for Social Circle Game

I'm going to give you one tip for expanding your social circles. If you follow this rule, building a new social circle and joining new social circles will be MUCH easier and it will happen faster. It's also easy to follow and easy to implement:

Whenever you get invited by someone for the first time, GO no matter what.

Write this down. I can't stress enough how important this is.

Whenever someones invites you to come out, GO. Go no matter what. This is really important if you want to expand your social circles.

I've noticed that when someone invites you for the first time to some event and you don't go, it's very hard to meet up with that person again. You don't always get a second chance. Especially when you don't see that person much. In that case you are still stuck in the "sticky phase" (taught in Social Circle Mastery). In other words, you two are still somewhat strangers.

It is much easier to go on your first invite and then meetup with that person (who invited you) again in the future. You can go the first time, flake some other time, and then still meet up again with that person (especially if you have his/her phone number).

That person will appreciate it if you come out the first time. It strengthens your bond with him/her because you gain time and shared experiences which are valuable currencies in social circle game.

So go! Even if you can only stop by for 15 minutes. It is better than not showing up or rejecting the invite.