Finding Compatible Women – You will not get every girl!

One big fallacy I see when guys first start to learn how to meet women is that they think they can get every girl with the tools we teach them. This is simply not true. We teach you structured opportunities to meet and date more women, but never ever will you get every woman. Any guy who says he can teach you to get every girl is a fraud. It does not happen. I used to believe when I learned the “pickup artist tools” that I could get every girl, but soon enough I found out that’s simply not the case. What “having game” gives you is more choice of women to date but there will always be a group of women who will just not be attracted to you no matter what. The goal is to find compatible women and women who are open to date you. The following idea was first brought up on another lair board but first broken down on a bootcamp by dating coach Braddock. I’ve expanded upon the idea and dissected it further.

I’ve separated women in the dating pool in three groups in terms of compatibility. This has nothing to do with a woman’s beauty, but what some people call “chemistry.” Naturally there are women that are just not compatible with you (red). Then there is a pool of women that will like you just for who you are (green). The biggest group is the women who are indifferent (gray). The following diagram summarizes it.

Remember this diagram from your statistics class? You can see the dating pool as a bell curve. On one end of the bell curve, red, is the group of women that you will never get. No. Matter. What. Accept it. Some of these women won’t give you any time when you approach or you find out that a girl has all the turn-offs you have on your list. Either way, that pool of women is not for you.

All the way on the other end of the bell curve is the group of women that are naturally compatible with you. These are the women who immediately like you and are attracted to you without you having any game. With these women, all you have to do is not screw it up to get them. A lot of guys, before they discovered Love Systems, felt like they were in a relationship with a “green” girl because it was always the girl picking the guy. But we are here to expand our options and have the option for who we pick to meet and date.

The women in the gray zone are initially open to meet you and figure out if you are someone she wants to date. This is the biggest dating pool. Most women you will meet will fall in the gray zone. Now, this is where “game” comes in. These are the women where you need “game” to get them because they are indifferent before you two meet. It’s your job to make her feel attracted to you (”chemistry”) and lead the way to a possible relationship. By having decent game you will no longer be limited to just the women in the green zone but you will also be able to meet and date women in the gray zone.

SIDENOTE: What I would do with the women who I meet and are “red” is I will try to make these girls my friend. I can’t get them attracted to me or date me, but I will try to make them at least my friend. Why? To expand my own social circle but also because these “red” girls might have female friends that are “green” or “gray” (and beautiful of course!) that I could possibly date.
If you had no game, you would just be limited to the women in the green zone and you would think all the women you meet are in the “red” zone. Unfortunately, that is what most guys have to settle for and I used to be one of them. Since you are reading this post you are likely a guy who wants to be able to consistently date women in the green AND gray zone. So don’t waste your time with women who are naturally “red.” That is your biggest enemy and you will waste a lot of time. Instead, focus on the girls who are “green” and “gray”, especially “gray.” You will notice in the beginning when you try to learn Love Systems that most women you meet will be in the gray zone. As you get better and better more women will fall into the green zone. Which brings up the next point.

Expand Your Green Zone

Besides learning game to expand your options with women, you can also work on yourself to expand your dating pool choices. You can boost your natural attractiveness to women by working out, getting a fashion makeover, grooming, and with general self-improvement.

Just learning game will expand your green zone too because you naturally become a guy that is attractive to women. You become more funny, understand women, can pass tests women give you, and so on.

Another way to expand your green zone would be to workout and get in shape. Regular exercise helps your success with women in many ways. You will feel better, look better in your clothes, have better skin, and is healthy for your mind too. Plus, it helps your state control when you go out and you will be better in bed because you will last longer / perform better.

Another easy step would be to get a new haircut and wardrobe to change your look. Looks matter, but not as much as you would think. Savoy summarizes it best in this video.

YouTube - Dating Advice on the Importance of Looks for Men

Self-improvement is a big area, but some suggestions would be read more books, travel, take more hobbies, get more friends, and improve your career. All these tips, plus the ones mentioned earlier in the article, are good starters and will expand the amount of “green” girls. Add having good game and you will be able to date A LOT OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.

In my opinion, you want to expand your green zone as much as you can up to the point where you need very little game to meet and date beautiful women. Why? Because your green zone is so big that it gives you more women than you can handle (and you don’t need to find women in the gray zone). This is where social circle game will be your next piece and having that lifestyle where your health, wealth, and relationships are at its peak.