Humor Deconstruction #2: Finding your perfect deconstruction

How excited are you?! Part II of the III part series of comedy/improv deconstructions from your friendly, neighborhood Big Business.

We often say at LoveSystems that the difference between a bad night and a good one is always just one more set.

That’s what happened Saturday. I was out with Future at one of our favorite NYC night spots, and I just wasn’t feeling it. I opened. I winged. Something was just off. I was doing okay, but not where I wanted to be. The women I was talking to weren’t the women I wanted to be talking to, and I was working really hard to keep their attention.

Around 12:30 I was thinking about calling it a night, when I spotted a short woman with dark skin and large breasts.

BB: You totally bumped into me while you were dancing (this is a lie).

Girl: I’m sorry! It’s my friend’s birthday.

BB: I’ve got a very fragile back. I just had a complete spine transplant.

Girl: What?!

BB: I just got a new spine, so I’m a little delicate.

Girl: That can’t be true!

Three comedy concepts in play there. First, something I call “Build the world,” wherein we take a comment that has been made and try to fill in all the details that may be implied by that statement. Here, it is that I’m upset that I’ve been bumped. Why would I be upset by that? Maybe it’s because I’ve got a bad back. Next, we go into comedy concept #2: heightening. Heightening is raising the value of what you are talking about. Not only do I have a bad back, but I’ve got a fragile spine on account of a crazy, fictional, impossible surgery that I just had. This kind of heightening is one of the disqualification themes I teach and the third comedy concept: ridiculous statements.

Whenever you make a ridiculous statement, there will be one of two reactions. 1) They believe you, in which case you continue heightening until they get it, or until you get to make fun of them for being gullible. 2) They call you on it, in which case you continue heightening because they are now in on the joke.

BB: It’s totally true. They actually gave me a cat spine. They just stretched it out for me.

Heightening. This surgery was ridiculous before, and now it is insane.

Girl: You’re so full of shit.

BB: Yeah. You passed my first test by proving that you weren’t completely retarded.

Girl: What’s your name?

Once you disqualify yourself, ie you push the girl away, you then need to pull them back in, and one way to do that is to qualify, which I did above by telling her that she passed my test (also setting the frame that she needed to prove herself to me, and not the other way around).

A few minutes later…

Girl: You’re probably not listening to a single thing I’m saying.

BB: How could you tell?

In comedy, you always want to be aware of what the expectation is. Here, when a woman accuses you of not listening to her, the expectation is to deny it. I made her laugh by going against the expectation. (There are sometimes ways to work with the expectation, but that’s a little more advanced).

Girl: You’re probably just thinking, “I don’t want to listen to this girl and her stupid life stories. I just want to rail the shit out of her.”

BB: No, what I’m thinking is “I hope she’s drunk enough that I can take her in the bathroom and motorboat the shit out of those sweet ass titties.”

“Yes, and” or “agreeing to the world, then adding information” is not only one of the best ways to generate/improvise conversation, but to handle shit tests and highlight your sense of humor. She says I’m only thinking of having sex with her. I agree that I am that type of person, and add a more specific way in which I am thinking dirty thoughts. This is also one of those examples where you can actually say “no” but still be agreeing. Lucky for both of us, this is the perfect way to start framing the conversation sexually.

A few minutes later I text her…

BB: I’m putting you in my phone as ‘Motorboat’ fyi.

That is a reference to the joke I made previously about wanting to motorboat her hot titties. When you reference a joke (or anything that inspired a positive emotion) it is called a ‘callback’ or ‘callback humor.’ The reason I started texting with that is to remind her of something I said that made her laugh, which means she’ll treat my number with special care at the end of the day. This is why I always recommend using call back humor with one of the first few texts.

Just do one more set, guys. It is, more often than not, the difference between a shitty night and an incredible one.