The Proper Attitude

I was in Austin, Texas a few years ago, working a LoveSystems bootcamp with The Don, Braddock and Sphinx. On the second night a few of the students and I were moving to our second bar when one of them pulled me aside.

Student 1: ďSo, Big BusinessÖwhatís it like knowing you can walk into a bar and have any girl in there?Ē

I paused for a moment before answering because I knew something was wrong. I couldnít put my finger on it, though. Someone had thrown a wrench into the gears of my brain. In the moment before I could respond, one of the other students answered for me.

Student 2: ďThatís not how it works.Ē

Yes and no, Student 2. Yes and no.

While I agree that nobody goes 5 for 5 (everybody gets blown out), there was a reason why I didnít answer right away, and thatís because I had to ask myself, ďHow does it feel to know that I can walk into a bar and have anyone I want?Ē

I didnít recall, remember, or realize right off the bat, that I donít go 5 for 5. I seriously had to stop and three-point-turn my brain around the idea that Iím not infallible.

But thatís a good thing.

Developing the attitude that you CAN walk into the bar and have any girl you want is part of actually becoming more successful with women. There's a certain confidence you exude when that is part of your inner core of beliefs that cannot be defined. I would never want to claim that I am perfect or that I pick up 100% of the girls that I approach, but thatís not important. What is important is that I when I walk into the bar every Friday night I muster up every fiber of creativity in my body and trick my brain into believing that I am 100%. A belief does not have to be true to be useful, mind you.

A few months before this story took place, I was sitting down with another LoveSystems instructor (Future) in his apartment, recounting to him the story of my first same night lay. I was trying to not be a dick about it, so I told him that I thought I was just lucky.

ďNo. Donít think like that. This is one of the few areas where itís useful to be overly confident in your abilities.Ē

Iím not suggesting that you brag or talk trash about how indestructible you are, and by all means go home and think about everything you did wrong so you can fix the bad behaviors, but if you enter a room knowing in you heart that you can sleep with anyone in there, then 1/2 the work is already done. And any negative experiences will just roll right off your shoulders.