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  1. This is the reason I found these boards

    Very interesting and helpful thread, but not exactly what I searched for. I want to know more dirty talk lines, I mean the more creative ones that heat her imagination (beyond I want to do x with you, I think bodypart y is sexy etc.). Something like:

    Your pussy is so tight, if you were not dripping wet my big hard cock would never fit in there!

    Any pointers to that kind of thread (yes, I did use the search function but most threads are about generic dirty talk) or additional lines would be appreciated very much

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    Quality dirty talk!

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    Good idea!

    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums Admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

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    My god, the ancient ruins have been lifted. There is sooo much I can add to this now.

    As zolyboy pointed out:

    - not every man has wild imaginative inner self. The role-playing fantasies are collection of own fetishes mixed with sexual preferences and tendencies. Discovering those fetishes is not only important for healthy sex life but also relevant in figuring out your type. Which leads me onto second point:
    - not every girl will be opened up for some roleplaying, I learnt it hard way. The art of opening her up (releasing inner "slut") can probably be covered in twenty posts like this ...and still have topics left uncovered.

    I can expand on this if anyone wants to hear, add more to the original concept. Some shit I would completely rewrite given a chance.

  6. Great advice

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    TrueStory you should really expand on this topic.

  8. Where can i find the mentioned post "On Dominance"?

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