Keychain's KJ Cure

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    Keychain's KJ Cure

    Genius is an infinite capacity for taking life by the scruff of the neck.

    Katherine Hepburn

    Defining a Keyboard Jockey
    KJ is the acronym for the phrase ‘keyboard-jockey’. He’s the kind of guy who has read Magic Bullets back to front, can quote entire passages from the Classic Writings and impresses his friends at lair meetings with his impressions of Jeremy from the interview series:

    ‘Hi everyone and welcome to the Interview Series! I’m Jeremy and I’m here with the Don and Savoy…’

    Aside from their encyclopedic knowledge of all things Pick-Up, perhaps their most defining characteristic is that they have absolutely no game. They can lecture for hours, give forum advice ad nauseam but they never go out, they never approach and they never get laid…their game sucks balls!

    The Evolution of a Keyboard Jockey
    It’s actually very easy to turn into one of these gentlemen. Here are a few of the pathways to KJ-hood:

    * ‘I’m just going to take a couple of weeks/months/years to internalise the material before I start going out, you know?’
    * ‘Wow, this dating science stuff is amazing! I just want to go home and read up on it all and get it down before I go out.’
    * ‘I used to have good game, got a girlfriend and dropped out of game. Since we broke up, my ego-protection won’t allow me to go out and approach again. I’m afraid I’ll be rusty and won’t live up to my own self-image as a ladies’ man.’

    If you’re slipping down the KJ path of Mansize Kleenex tissues and scented lotion, consider the following points:

    * Perfectionism is our enemy. So many times we want to understand everything and get it all straight in our head before we go out and talk to girls. We feel like if we have everything clear and in order then we’ll just ace our interactions every time.

    That attitude is complete nonsense! Without direct experience with reality (ie, talking to real girls) none of the information you read and study will be of any use to you. For one, without regular, focused time in-field you will lack the context in which the principles and routines operate. We may think you understand attraction but until we have the experience of repeatedly eliciting it in the women we meet, we have no idea what attraction is.

    Secondly, all the knowledge in the world will not get us laid unless we approach! If we sit at home masturbating over Braddock’s latest post on Takeaways (which is a bitchin’ post!) and never get out and meet girls then we’ll just be another loser with no results, no girls and no game.

    * Reading lots of information clogs our thought processes and slows us down. W have so much theory and information running through our minds that we sink into analysis paralysis – a state of complete inertia where all normal social functions are severely impaired. Good information timing is crucial.

    Theory should be used to plug the holes in our game and help us develop our weak areas – if we can already open and tease but always get flaky numbers, read up on qualification!We mustn’t waste time reading about high level Social Circle Mastery (an awesome seminar!!) and super-tantra-orgasm techniques if we can’t even approach a woman – the road to mastery is to work on one or two aspects of game at a time and really focus on them until we have them down.

    * Believe it or not, people did get laid before the emotional progression model was invented. I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t meet and fall in love because my dad attended a Breakthrough Comfort seminar (literally life changing!) or knew the finer points of Rapid Escalation. Chances are your grandfather never wore NewRock boots, goggles, black nail polish and didn’t practice his customised routine stack in a mirror.

    Get out there and approach. If you’re truly hopeless and have no game, write down an opener, a transition, a couple of simple attraction routines, go to a bar or club and open every set you can find. As you hit sticking points: wash, rinse and repeat – a little specific theory, some practical routines or conversation ideas and then back out to meet girls. Look to the theory in extreme moderation and only when you specifically need it!

    Keychain’s KJ Challenge

    KJ’s, I challenge thee!

    * For 30 days, there shall be no more pick-up related reading, listening or forumising!

    * For 30 days, thou shalt go out and socialise. Either:
    - go out every night to a bar for at least one hour, approaching at least three sets!
    - Form the Approach Habit and approach a single girl every day!
    - You may skip a day/night of approaches for the following reasons: taking a day to go shopping to improve your fashion (see Keys On Fashion) or participating in a social, lifestyle-enhancing activity (ie, salsa class).

    After that, you’ll be a changed man. You’ll have actually begun the process of getting real, tangible results in your quest to improve your social skills. After accumulating these reference experiences, and only after, you can come back to the material to read up on areas in which you want to improve.
    Unrelated photo of hot girl for general inspiration.

    Unrelated photo of hot girl for general inspiration.

    I regularly ‘fast’ from seduction/self-help learning materials for periods of time and advise it for those who feel burned out and stale, at a brick wall or overloaded with information. Also, if you still suck after a year ‘in the community’, this is a strongly advised course of action.

    Guys, I know it’s fun to read this stuff and how much courage it takes to get out there and submit yourself to the learning process. But great riches await those who dare to really commit to improvement.

    Genius is an infinite capacity for taking life by the scruff of the neck.

    Katherine Hepburn

    Has anyone out there tried a similar 30-day challenge or ‘KJ Cure’? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences – leave a comment!

    Good luck!




    'It was literally my first step away from books and towards... people (*gasp*). From 0 to direct openers in less than 1 hour, what more do I need to say? That guy makes it easy!' - Joave

    'I've made more progress in a few hours with him, than probably hundreds of hours unaided...and to think there was a point in my life when I thought I would die a virgin.' - Will33t

    'As I approached women, we began to chip away at my technique, refining it with each approach...' - StudentX

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    This is relevant to my interests, will try soon.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Keychain View Post

    * For 30 days, there shall be no more pick-up related reading, listening or forumising!
    Totally agree with this point. I've read hardly any PU material and have hardly been on the forums apart from just to post my FRs within the past 2 months and I'm getting a hell of a lot better results now than when I was doing too much reading and hardly going out... and I'm living in a different country where I don't speak the language very well and can't even do any mega routine stacks! SHOCK HORROR! And yet I still get better results than I got previously. Reading too much of this stuff will only result in you being totally inside of your head and trying to analyse a social situation while you're hitting on a girl; you need to be in the moment.

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    damn meng... im just pissed that you have one of my nicknames in the streets...

    KeyChain was coined for me!!!

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