FR: Clubbing The Hague with TCR & A7X: partytime & closes

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    FR: Clubbing The Hague with TCR & A7X: partytime & closes


    Last thursday night I went out with 2 guys from a Dutch pick up forum. TCR & A7X. One of them is 6 months in the game, one of the only 2 months. I am now approx. 1 year in the game. We have a bit different kinds of game. I am more superdirect caveman, with lots of kino, sexual framing and general sextalk, they are more indirect but I will think their game will develop in a direct way over time.

    TCR invited me over to a studentparty in The Hague. I used to live there for a few months. It's a cool town with nice boulevard, beach and some cool clubs.

    I took the train to The Hague and meanwhile I was talking on the phone with Sosha. He called me when I was in Paris (studytrip, but report will follow) but I was in dinner at the time with fellow students, so I called him back. We talked a bit about good old life and pick up of course and we had some good times.

    When I arrived at The Hague HS I hung up the phone and met TCR. TCR is a cool guy, 21 years old, a real student. He got a really cool crip as well, with a large living room with beamer (almost like a cinema) and a harddisk with 140 gb of pick up material on it. He is really committed to the game

    At his place I also met A7X. Another cool guy, also 21 years old. We talked a bit about pick up and took 2 beers. I showed them some dancemoves you can do in clubs because I think their game can be much more direct, instead of indirect (Mystery crap and such).

    At 00:00 we enter club seven. We are on the guest list, so we're vip. Let's party babies!

    We get give of our coats and I talk a bit to the toiletladies. There are 2 of them, mother and daughter. I talk about fucking in toilets and what they do about it. They tell me it's forbidden. I manage to get a good vibe with them, which creates a larger possibility of laying a chick in the clubstall later. When it's actually going to happen, you don't want to get cockblocked by the toiletlady do you?

    I decide to stay quite sober this night. The two beers I drank in TCR's crip, were the last two. We go to the bar and get some drinks. I order a water because I thought it was free, but the guy let me pay for it. If I had known that I would have taken a fanta.

    We go on the dancefloor. This is what I see:

    Around 80 people inside. 60% guys, 40% girls. Not very much hot girls, but a few of them. From the 60% guys, were most of them chodes standing in death row. Perfect, it leaves more for us!

    We dance a little bit and I do some crazy dance moves for fun. TCR and A7X introduce me to some girls they know, so I get some indirect social proof as well. Thanks guys!

    I suddenly see a nice girl standing at the sideline sms'ing with someone. I walk up to her and tell her she shouldn't sms so much in clubs, because you go to a club to dance! She is lowering the positive energy level in the clubs like the chodes in death row! I tell her to dance. She puts away her phone and complies. I start dancing with her, do some pirouettes, dancefloor push pull, some grinding, etc. I tell her we should sit down and she walks to a sofa with me. I start my sextalk and she agrees with my ideas, but I recognize she is not totally comfortable talking about this subject. I could smell she wasn't sexually very experienced. I could also smell that she was not the type of girl shagging in a club stall. She would probably fuck me after the party, but it was still the beginning of the evening and I don't want to hang around one girl the whole night.

    IOI's were in the air. She was laughing, touching me everywhere, looking in my eyes constantly, grabbing my hands, touching her hair, etc.

    Before I got cockblocked by girlfriends (I learned my lesson) I decided to exhange numbers. We did and if everything is going allright we will meet up this week. (that was when I wrote this yesterday, she actually sms'ed me she don't want to hang out anymore. Probably thinks I am too much of a player after what happened with the other girls). I took her back to the dancefloor and decided to make her a little bit chasing me. So I started escalating on her on the dancefloor while dancing. The dancing became more sexual and I started kissing her neck. I went in a few times for a kiss but just before our lips touched each other I stopped. I let the tension grow bigger and bigger. I decided to not kiss her tonight, I didn't want the tension to release. Besides, I wasn't going to fuck her so I didn't see the point of kissing. And even if you're going to fuck it's not even necessary to kiss. So only kiss for fun, but realize it can destroy some of your tension you built together.

    I got one time cockblocked by a guy with this particular girl. I was dancing quite a long time with her, for like 30 minutes to get in state and show my dancemoves to the other girls. Also: heavy dancing (sexual) with girls creates lots of social proof and preselection which makes it easier to open other girls later that evening. So you kinda become one of the coolest guys in the venue.

    But about the cockblocker: I pushed her away a little bit (push pull kino while dancing) and than all of sudden this chode shows up and starts grinding her from behind. I see it happen and think:

    "ooooh no, not getting cockblocked again,. fuck you chode"

    I start grinding my girl from the front and makes sure he sees I do not appreciate this drunk action of him. He flies

    After a while she goes to the bar with 2 girlfriends. I tell one of her girlfriends to get a water for me. She complies. That's the way I like it, nice girlfriends! HBsms'ing goes to the toilet and I go back to the dancefloor after I talked with 3 cocky girls who were sitting and looking angry and desperate. I told them they should have more fun otherwise it's useless to go to a club.

    On the dancefloor I meet some other girls. I dance a little bit with some of them. I give some girls horny glazes and some girls I touch their asses for fun. They like it. Than I see 2 girls standing at the sideline. One of them, the blonde, is actually quite hot. I approach them and start dancing with them. I guess I was the first one this evening who approached them, really, I didn't see it happen before. Most other guys didn't have balls. And let me tell you, they weren't ugly. Especially the blond was hot imo. This is also one of the subjects we talked about: guys not daring to approach them and if they approach them, it's with a cheesy pick up line and they're most of the time drunk. How can we expect these guys can give the girls let's say just even one of the 8 orgasms a girl can have, if they can't even approach a girl normally? (isn't that right Sosha baby:P)

    So I transitioned into some sex talk. They totally agreed with me, both, and they became more and more relax and open and didn't see me as one of the chodey chodes who are normally approaching them. I also did some dancefloor kino escalation with them, grinding them a little bit and spinning them. They also started to take pictures of themselves and some with me included, giving really horny glazes. Attention whores:P Ooooh and thanks TCR for taking the pic!

    Meanwhile TCR and A7X were talking with a group of girls. To be honest, I didn't see what was going on at all, because my attention was on the 2set. When I saw TCR and A7X walking up to me, I introduced them to the 2 girls of course to give some social proof back which they also gave me by introducing me to other girls. And of course if one of them wanted the brunette, he could take her.

    I guess their interest was in another girl(s), so I talked further with the 2set. The blonde girl was from Nijmegen, from the east of the Netherlands. She was staying at the brunettes house. I talked very openly about sex with them and asked them if they were adventurous and ever had bisexual experiences. The blond did, the brunette didn't. I talked about a threesome and proposed one actually. The blond was like 'okay' and the brunette was like: 'no no'

    So that wasn't going to happen. That's why I decided to exchange numbers with the blonde and I smelled some ASD, so I told her that her girlfriend wasn't watching and that she could kiss me. Guess what? She did LOL:P Good job girl!

    For the rest we just had BIG fun in club seven. We danced with everyone, especially lots of girls, we made them spin, we made fun of them, I grinded a chode who reacted very nervous like: "WTF is going on". I also danced with some other girls and had lots of fun with TCR and A7X. Just dancing with them, talking with them, etc. Ooooh and later on one of the hired guns behind the bar started giving me free drinks after I talked a bit with her and gave her some dominant ec. This was cool imo (and cheap:P)

    So we left the party here at 2:15/2:30 and we bounced to 'Paard van Troje". This is a club, just besides club 7. I had never been there, even if I used to live in The Hague for a few months. I know, I am a very bad girl! Punish me please!

    When I entered the venue we had to go through this metal detector. Always risky, especially when you think about the fact I had my cuffs and pencilknife (not to stick someone, just as a letter opener) with me. But I came through safely.

    When I came in I saw TCR and A7X with some girls. TCR introduced me to this nice looking Spanish girl. Died hair, a little bit too tanned (physical sun tan) but hot body, cute smile and sexy piercing in her lips:P Looked like a nice girl to have some fun with. I introduced myself to her and projected my sexual partymood state on her. The only thing I did was very dominat ec, dominant intonation while talking and some esclation on the physical part and after one minute I felt a good vibe and decided to number close her, because the night was still young. Ooooh and did I tell you I love these southern European chicks? Like Spanish, French and Italian. Well I do! So I was glad I got some new Southern European meat probably for the future!

    Than this other girl came. A Dutch girl, HBDutchie, who was very kind and nice looking as well. Thanks guys. Sooo I talked with her a little bit and I felt a good vibe too so I number closed her as well. But I heard later TCR is also busy with her so I won't call her. But you have to fuck her within 2 weeks TCR! Otherwise A7X and I will fight about her LOL:P

    So we went upstairs to the dancing room. When we entered this room I saw this very big group of Spanish girls and guys dancing at the sideline of the room. Woooaaaw, lots of hot girls! And Spanish as well! Can't be better. Partytime!

    I saw my HBSpain1 in the group as well. I didn't want to give her too much attention and also I wanted to check the whole venue, so I walked around a bit and screened the room. I talked and danced with TCR and A7X and shouted to them that they should go to the Spanish girls, because some of them were so hot compared to the Dutch (okay personal taste, I know, but still). I saw TCR walking up to them but I don't know what happened to be honest.

    Then I saw these two blond girls sitting on a sofa at the sideline. I looked to one of them, locked eye contact and walked up to her from 10 meters distance. Everything on automatic pilot. I grabbed her hands and pulled her in from the sofa. Our faces were close to each other, the tension was growing. Everybody surrounding us was looking like they didn't believe the thing that was happening. Even her own girlfriend. So funny! We started grinding and she started shaking her ass to my crotch, I liked it. Her girlfriend stood up and walked away and I recognized I was losing the playful and sexual vibe with the blond girl, so I left her and walked to the middle of the venue. There I met TCR and A7X again.

    We decided to go upstairs. We went upstairs and walked around there. We had some fun, I made some crazy dancemoves and chicks were laughing. I even climbed in a pilar whahahah. On the way back downstairs I saw this group of girls in front of me, moving so slowly down the stairs. So I touched the back of the girl with my crotch and asked the girl politely if I could jump on her back. She said: "sure no problem". So I jumped on her back, we felt backwards and I landed on my back, she was lying on top of me. It was really hilarious. She turned around and said some funny things to me and our faces were superclose. I got the idea that I could easily kiss her, but why should I?

    So we went downstairs. There we went to the middle of the crowded dancefloor with lots of guys! The closer to the stage, the more guys. So I was thinking about moving away from the stage towards the exit of the room, where all the Spanish girls were. But guess what? I met two Spanish girls on my way!

    Eclec: "Heyyyyo Spanish girls! Que pasa!"
    Spanish girls: laughing and saying something.
    Eclec: "Come one girls, you must sandwich me, yeah that's good"

    The 2 two girls start sandwiching me for a few seconds but the girl behind me falls out of the picture. Probably because the girl in front of me asked too much off my attention. I will never know what happened to the girl behind me. A7X? I remember you were somewhere there as well.

    Anyway, I feel this instant good vibe and she is soo petite and cute but also stylish on high heels. Only her front teeth were a bit big which looked a bit like a rabit LOL:P But okay, no one is perfect! So our faces are so close to each other, I can see the sparkling in her eyes. We are touching each other everywhere and this big smile on her face won't disappear. I couldn't find one indicator of disinterest, only IOI's. I didn't even plan, but all of a sudden we were kissing. I kissed her very short, to make sure I didn't loose too much tension.

    Isolation: I took her with me to a couch by the stairs and we sat down there. I see TCR with HBDutchie escalating on each other. We're on the same sofa She sits on my lap and starts making out with me again. I start doing some sexual framing and general sextalk to make sure she is as open minded and adventurous as I am. I needed to do some reframing, but she was not really close minded so that's cool. I suggested to have some fun outside but she wanted to stay inside close to her girlfriends. Probably I looked to dangerous I suggested the clubstalls but she sais it wasn't really possible. I didn't check them because I got introduced directly to HBSpain1 in the beginning and afterwards we went upstairs. To bad from my part.

    I told her I was going to leave in 15 minutes to catch the last train to Rotterdam. She told me I could stay with her (yeye, that was what I was looking for). I was really glad! She also told me she was staying at a girlfriends house so that we needed to ask the girlfriend to make sure it was no biggie deal. We asked her and she sais it was fine for me and HBSpain2. But than a few minutes later she told us it was all of a sudden impossible, because there were staying 5 girlfriends at her house and there wasn't room for one more. I guess she just don't wanted one guy with them. Could have been great though! One big orgy

    One positive aspect: HBSpain2 told me directly: If u ever need something, just call me Well sometimes I need 'something', so I will call her. But I will plan a date with HBSpain1 first, because she is most difficult.

    So I left the girls and TCR and A7X. HBSpain1 had seen me kissing with HBSpain2 and she didn't look happy. So I wanted to hug both girls goodbye and don't kiss them to make sure they wouldn't get jealous on each other. I hugged HBSpain1 and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then I wanted to hug HBSpain2 as well, but she grabbed my face with both hands and started making out with me again. Goddamn HBSpain2, don't you realize HBSpain1 is looking LOL!?

    When I returned home I thought I probably destroyed my chances with both Spanish girls. But that wasn't true. HBSpain1 (the one who saw me making out with her gf) called me today. She was in the hospital because one of her girlfriends was very sick. She told me I was such a cool and funny guy and she wanted to meet with me soon. I told her this weekend probably, so that is probably going to happen. This week some family from Spain is coming over so that's complicated. Maybe next week then. The other Spanish girl is for the long term, first HBspain1.

    Also the Dutch blond girl from the 2set called me today and want to meet with me soon in Nijmegen or in Rotterdam. That can be fun as well.

    The first girl of the evening send me an sms like I told you she don't want to meet anymore. That's okay, she don't know what she's missing. And the other girl is TCR's property:P

    I think TCR and A7X did great as well, however I didn't check them that much because I was so sucked up in the atmosphere as always. But I saw them dancing and flirting with ladies so I am pretty sure they had a good time. Plus they had closes as well!

    Summarized: Superfun times and we're gonna do this over guys!



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    PM me dan de volgende x als jullie gaan,

    ik woon dr praktisch om de hoek! :-)

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    Samen hebben we een mooi hoofdstuk voor een nieuw PUA boek geschreven, vind je ook niet Eclec?

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    Nou goed, nieuw hoofdstuk:P Een klein hoofdstukje dan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclectican View Post
    Summarized: Superfun times and we're gonna do this over guys!
    De juiste omschrijving voor een leuke avond!

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    hague sarge

    Quote Originally Posted by A7X View Post
    De juiste omschrijving voor een leuke avond!
    Guys, im here for only two more weeks and i would love to meet you and go out together.!

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    [QUOTE=timezoner;985641]Guys, im here for only two more weeks and i would love to meet you and go out together.![/ QUOTE] i have been in the game since for many years, so im quite advanced..please do get in touch with me

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