Does penis size REALLY matter?

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    Does penis size REALLY matter?

    ..yeah, i just wanted to get away from the typical thread names. anyway. my name is sandy and im from manitoulin island. for anyone who isent famileir with it(probly about 98.6793% of everyone here), its the largest freshwater island in the world and in turn just about the worst place to live if you have a sex drive. i came accross this site one day about 6months ago when i started to get laid with semi-regulary and decided i want more! so now after reading a few books. David D`s double your dating, Mystery Method, numerous emails and the game i am here to learn from those who are better than me and eventualy accomplish some great pickups that would be worth sharing with all of you like minded indeviduals.
    ps. im 17 if anyone wanted to know

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    What da...
    First of all
    This is my first comment.
    I m from Berlin Germany so I apologized my english.
    I read your question and i wanna answer... so i guess it really matter
    all the girls i ask agreed to me...
    (the girls I ask would get at least 6 point out of 10)
    germans average size is 14.48 and i'm proudly LARGER!!!
    I'm sweet 16^^

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    Hey, that's funny. I'm going to manitoulin island this summer, visiting family! Do you happen to know anybody named Koopman (Erik, or Kees)?

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    i live in bad camberg/germany which is near to frankfurt

    hey guys!!

    hi at all....
    i am from germany and i live in a little town near frankfurt(bad camberg)....
    i just finished styles book(i think that everyone here knows it)and today i joined the hobbies are martial arts and playing xbox 360(damn loud this thing,but it works quite well=) )....i am 18 and i already have been successful in picking up girls with mysterys method .....and about penissize
    ....i dont know i can only say that i never had problems with that...i mean i have a larger penis than the average but in general i think that the penissize is very difficult to be defined.there are long penis which are thin,short penis which are thick, and also thin short ones and long thick ones so you have to use youre penis in the right way....however,,, i dont know if penissize matters because i met girls who said it hurts them and also other ones who really enjoied it and there are girl who say that a small penis can do it and on the other hand there are girls which tell me that a penis has to have the size of a beerglass and a beerglass is very i would say itt has something to do with the women herself....oh my ....i hope that my english is at least a little bit correct whatever cya

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    I'm only eight inches...
    Welcome to the madhouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arto
    Hey, that's funny. I'm going to manitoulin island this summer, visiting family! Do you happen to know anybody named Koopman (Erik, or Kees)?
    i dont think so. where do they live? and how old are they. anyway yeah.. the penis question was just a joke but onthat topic my penis is only.. 3inches ... ... FROM THE GROUND!

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    uuhm, Erik is 30 and Kees is like 50. But I guess the chance of you knowing them is about 1/1000, I assumed you might just because they live on the same largest freshwater island in the world. It's kind of like meeting a black guy and assuming he knows everybody in Africa, because they're all black too! right? so he knows them! right?
    oh, about my PENIS SIZE...


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