How to invite two girls on the same date

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    How to invite two girls on the same date

    My birthday is next weekend and my buddies, a few girls, and I are taking a limo downtown, hitting up a nice restaurant and then probably a few bars and lounges and then work from there, lol. All the girls coming with us are part of our social circle (friends' girlfriends or "just friends"), so I'm planning to bring a date, this girl who's been eyefucking me every day in class and I ended up having time to talk to her just a couple days ago. The thing is, I also want to invite this girl from my hometown (I'm in college and I go to school in a different city than where I "live"), and she said she's down to drive up here to party with us.

    Now, if I took only girl #1 (eyefucking in class girl), I'd probably end up hooking up with her. If I took only girl #2 (hometown girl), I'd probably end up hooking up with her. I want to invite both of them and either (a) hook up with both of them, preferably at the same time, or (b) hook up with girl #1 and let one of my buddies have girl #2, while social proofing the shit out of her so she's ready to be fucked the next time I see her and I'm alone.

    Problem: inviting two girls on the same date. Is this even possible and if so how do I approach it (keep in mind with girl #2 that we're not "just friends" and if it were a standalone date we WOULD end up hooking up, so I don't want either of them to feel awkward)?

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    i was gonna post this same exact post over the summer because i'm ALWAYS finding myself in that predicament. on the more lowkey dates that call for 1-on-1s [mainly concerts, shows, street fairs, one-day only non-recurring events] i usually invite Girl A, and then invite Girl B if i feel Girl A is gonna flake...and if she doesn't, i flake on Girl B telling her something came up.

    i've gone through your predicament too...for dates involving alot of socializing [big concerts, shows, bar hangouts, etc] i started inviting the girls i'm interested in [ie, not yet dating] and the girls i'm just friends with. it seems to always work itself out because one of the girls seems very likely to flake. [in this case, i think the eyefucking girl is more likely to flake on you]...but if neither flake, its all good because its a group atmosphere and you can divide your time between everybody so nobody gets too jealous.

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    Invite them both and don't try to hook up with either one of them that night. Or only invite one of them. If you try to juggle two girls in one night where you're the center of attention, it will end badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
    it seems to always work itself out because one of the girls seems very likely to flake
    What if neither girl flakes and you cancel on one of them at the last second? Does girl get pissed off or is she intrigued that you don't give a fuck about her?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
    Invite them both and don't try to hook up with either one of them that night.
    Wouldn't both of them be wondering what the hell's going on, as they both thought they were gonna be my date and now we're just hanging out as friends. Might be a step backward.

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    i'd go with vapor on this one...because trying to hook up with both at the same time is a bad idea.

    when i go on a day 2 with two girls...its usually with girls i JUST i'm more than okay if they meet somebody else at the bar or whatever. i invite other girls that i'm friends with to make it a more social atmosphere, and so they always have somebody to talk to just in case i have to isolate.

    when i go on a date with a girl i've haven't f-closed yet but am very close to doing, and feel like she's gonna flake...i invite a second girl to go with me.[mainly cuz i'd rather go to the event with somebody than by myself] if the first girl ends up being able to come, then i flake on the second girl. i've never been stood up...i just get that spider-sense feeling that girls are gonna flake, so i make a plan B.

    ...its usually a case-by-case thing...but so far i've been handling it extremely well.[or things just happen to inexplicably work themselves out]

    for your situation...i wouldn't invite both girls...just one. it'd be really messed up to have a girl drive hours to your party, only to see you hook up with another girl.

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