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    Love Systems' Super Conference

    It was just as advertised before hand. A collection of skilled instructors and a bunch of eager students. Lots of note taking during the sessions, in fact more sessions than any one person could attend, due to the dual tracks.

    I think the lack of reviews here is probably due to fatigue, and also a lot of folks may be getting back home today. I'm between planes in the airline lounge waiting for my flight home.

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    Love Systems Superconference - Vegas Feb 22-24

    So I got back from the Superconference and despite being exhausted, I can’t sleep. My head is still spinning so I’ll write instead.

    In short the Superconference was amazing. I was on the Silver program so I didn’t do the in-field portion but the seminar portion was awesome. It’s unfortunate that in our community there are a lot of mediocre products that fetch exorbitant prices and are marketed like Viagra spam or gay-ass Buy Real Estate, No Money Down pyramid schemes. This was definitely not one of them. Everyone got their money’s worth and more.

    As everyone knows, there was a dual track so you could attend the things you were interested in. I liked this format because it allowed you to pack in the most stuff into one weekend. I felt like every single thing I attended was super-worthwhile and there was not a single wasted moment of my weekend. Below are reviews of the programs I attended.


    Sinn on Inner Game – This was amazing. It wasn’t the same old recycled crap I constantly see. Sinn has the unique perspective of someone who has really gone through it all ...after as he says 4 years and 10,000 sets. I think one of the things that really separated this from other inner game work that I’ve seen is how he talked about what the right questions were, not just the right answers.
    Opening Exercises – Really useful. Seeing Cajun in action was a real eye-opener. What you don’t realize from the Keys to the Vip episode is that dude is like 5’4” and about 100 lbs soaking wet. And yet he conveys alpha body language. I’d like to see him pickup a big Amazon chick just for the pure comedy. The instructors were super patient and kept going until you got it right. Shout out to Fader and Salem on that.
    Sinn on Strippers and Hired Guns – Excellent. He gave away quite a bit of info considering he had a full seminar a couple of days later.
    Sinn on Frames and Roles – There was so much new information in this that I felt like it didn’t even scratch the surface but it was well organized and really interesting. He spoke at length about the different roles men and women take on. Think “The Art of Seduction” but not thicker than a phone book or gay.
    Brad P on Social Anxiety – This was my first time meeting Brad P and I was thoroughly impressed. I had read his stuff and really liked it but his persona really brings the material to life. He had some great stories that had me busting up.

    Phone and Text Game – This was the only panel where I felt I knew virtually all of the material. I did really like the phone number close that Moxie uses. I was hoping for more of Braddock’s hilarious text game but he did provide a couple of sample funny voicemails.
    How we got good panel – This was by far my favorite program all weekend. The panel was big and they all had great stories and insights. Tenmagnet was great and is clearly a really good teacher. Also, Braddock gave me so many great ideas into how to learn this stuff. There’s so much information it can be overwhelming and he really showed how his commitment and small chunking things in worked . Also my new favorite term is “drive thru of cock”…..Oooo that would be a good name for a fast food joint.
    Body Language Exercises – Good stuff. Again, Cajun is awesome.
    Guest Speaker Bad Boy – This was both hilarious and super useful. Just like midgets. He told a story about kicking a girl out of his place that had me dying. I’m totally stealing it for my routine stack.
    Bad Boy & Cortez on Conversational skillz – More good stuff including demos but I had to skip out a little early to grab dinner.

    Sunday was basically me listening to Sinn for 4 hours. The topics were Story Telling, Venue Filtering (with Savoy), One Night Stands, and Day Game, although he didn’t limit to just those topics. Let me just say that Sinn has got to be the most knowledgeable person in the community. I would have sat there for another 4 hours. The guy is fucking ridiculous. He was so insightful when people asked questions; he knew exactly what the issues were and how to fix them, even with super limited information. Someone asked a question about gaming at the airport and he actually had a whole system for it. I bet he could get laid at an abortion clinic.

    Sunday was definitely my favorite day. I think if I heard Sinn’s ONS talk a day earlier I wouldn’t have fucked up a pull from the previous night.

    Let me just say that Love Systems truly is dating science. It’s an accurate term. It’s the most cutting edge, advanced stuff around and it’s constantly being refined by great tactical seducers. I can’t believe that people are still teaching shit that is over 2 years old and played out like that fucking Souja Boy song. Anyone who charges to teach you C’s vs. U’s should be beaten with heavy mining equipment.

    In addition to Sinn, I want to give a special shoutout to Braddock. He was awesome and so willing to help and answer every question. Unlike most guys in the community, Braddock is really good looking so it was cool to hear how even he has struggled so much. Braddock and Sinn really allowed me to give myself permission to game the way I want to game because it’s the way they game; super funny and sarcastic in the context of the overall model.

    Overall a life-changing weekend and a total bargain. Thanks to all the instructors as well as the Love Systems staff including Savoy and Lia (who I sat next to on the plane home). Thanks guys!

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    Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Love Systems Superconference in Las Vegas. I actually won my silver level ticket, so I feel obliged to write this review, and I was exited to go to my first ever pickup related conference.

    How do you recognize an instructor?
    -Wears True Religion jeans.
    -Wears Retro or Affliction-alike (t)shirts.
    -Looks a bit cooler than the average guy.

    Favorite instructor quote:
    "I have a radar for big titties, like women have a radar for social value. If a woman with big titties walks into the room, I immediatly know that. Just like women can sense high (social) value guys." - Tenmagnet

    Anyway, these are the programs I attended:
    Inner Game (Sinn)
    Opening Exercises (all instructors)
    Strippers and Hired Guns (Sinn)
    Frames and Roles (Sinn)
    Being in State (Moxie)
    Phone and Text Game (Tenmagnet, Salem)
    How We Got Good (Panel)
    Body Language Exercises (Cajun, Tenmagnet)
    Dates (Salem, Brad P)
    Threesomes (Savoy, Brad P, Prestige)
    Improv & Conversation Skills (Badboy, Cortez)
    Preventing Flaking (Tenmagnet)
    Venue Filtering (Sinn, Savoy)
    One Night Stands (Sinn)
    Day Game (Sinn)
    Online Game (Cajun, Tenmagnet)

    All the info was very valuable and actually a steal for only $950; three days of info.
    Inner Game (Sinn)
    This was something Sinn has been talking about for a while on his blog, inner game. He talked about some new stuff that I haven't heard before and I noticed that I kept writing notes. He went very deep into it and it was really good. It was definitly one of my favorite talks (by my favorite instructor). Grade: A+

    Opening Exercises (all instructors)
    I have opened several hundred sets but I knew I could also pickup something new that I didn't know on opening. Turns out to be I did. The room was separated into several groups, each with an instructor. I had dahunter as my instructor and he showed how he opens (moving) sets. We all roleplayed and learned some new stuff, and I also liked the "how much fun are you having" opener dahunter showed us. I've used it a lot in vegas and it's very cool I liked this program too just because these are exercises. You can cram everyone with a lot of theorie, but seeing everything in action and doing it yourself makes you learn this stuff much faster. Rokker came in and he just has this power presence, and he is good looking too. I liked his sense of style, and he talked abit about locking in. Grade: A+

    Strippers and Hired Guns (Sinn)
    I don't go to strip clubs that much but I was very interested in the strategies for stripper game. Sinn did not disappoint us and he gave us a lot of information. It was a Q+A session but the info was very valuable. He gave a basic strategy on how to game the strippers, but for the details you had to go to the full seminar. I was more interested in the hired gun strategy and now I do have an idea how to run game on them. Just because this info is not really out there in the community yet, that makes this seminar more valuable than others. Grade: A

    Frames and Roles (Sinn)
    This was very advanced and Sinn talked about it as if it was the most common thing in the world. I think if he could provide more examples in conversation form (transscript) and layout what the frames were in there, it would have made everything much more clear. He also talked about his new thoughts on frames and microcalibration which I haven't heard before. The roles were clear to me and Sinn talked about how you adjust your game to different types of girls, very valuable. When I left the room, I had the idea that I learned new stuff, but also that I could have grasped more if there were more examples of frames. Grade: B+

    Being in State (Moxie)
    Moxie has this cool vibe around him that makes him look fun. When he talks you just have to listen. His talk on being in state was something nothing new to me, but he nailed every point. He gave some tips on how to get in state and how not to break it. It was a good talk, but really nothing new. Grade: B

    Phone and Text Game (Tenmagnet, Salem)
    I was looking forward to this one as my phone game really sucks. Tenmagnet showed how he does phone game which is not very difficult to implement. His style is different from Sinn's (he likes to build comfort a lot) because his phone game is more about having the girl around and letting her get used to talking to you on the phone. Tenmagnet and Salem gave some good thumbrules and gave some good examples of what to do, and what not to do. I was little bit disappointed that text game was hardly covered. I was actually hoping to see Braddock talk about it because I know he is the man for it. He did give some cool voicemail messages, but I missed the text game portion. Grade: B+

    How We Got Good (Panel)
    This hour was very inspiring for me, since I'm only few months into this whole pickup. I could relate to the instructors as they were telling us how they got started and how they struggled. Braddock was my favorite as he elaborated on his journey, and Tenmagnet shared some funny stories. Grade: A

    Body Language Exercises (Cajun, Tenmagnet)
    Having seen Cajun on Keys to the VIP with his awesome BL, I was hoping to learn some cool stuff on BL. He and Tenmagnet talked a lot on the importance of BL. The key was not to have bad body language and Rokker sometimes jumped in to elaborate. Then Tenmagnet said this:
    "I have a radar for big titties, like women have a radar for social value. If a woman with big titties walks into the room, I immediatly know that. Just like women can sense high (social) value guys." (something in that line)
    That opened my eyes (and I hard to laugh very hard). I was disappointed that we didn't do any exercises. I was hoping that they would get all the instructors and have groups work on their body language, like they did at the opening exercises. BL is something you have to see and do, but unfortunately we didn't do that much. I hope next time they would focus more on the exercises than theory. Grade: B

    Dates (Salem, Brad P)
    The advice given was solid and some pointers were given by Brad P. The talk started to shift to social circle game (I didn't mind) and Salem gave some good activities to do on dates. Also they gave some good info on how to close the deal at the end of the night. Overall, good advice. Grade: B+

    Threesomes (Savoy, Brad P, Prestige)
    This is totally new territory for me so I was excited to hear the panel talk on something I know nothing of. They gave a lot of info on how to get a threesome and they talked about it as if it was the most normal thing in the world. They gave the impression that it really isn't that hard as it seems it is, so that was very inspiring. Savoy gave some good pointers everyone could use and Brad P showed his experience through funny stories. Grade: A

    Improv & Conversation Skills (Badboy, Cortez)
    The title is a bit misleading, because we ended up doing a lot practising of kino routines. Cortez started off talking about the direct game mindset and badboy gave some theory on it. Shortly after we did a lot of exercises with some really cool kino routines. This was definitly one of my favorite talks, since there were exercises and because the kino stuff was just sooooo money. Even though it was schedule for one hour, badboy didn't care and kept on practising with us. He really loved his work and he showed that by helping us all out. He has a great sense of humor too! Love Systems should have added an hour purely on kino routines and how to escalate. It is something that has to be seen and not read. Grade: A+

    Preventing Flaking (Tenmagnet)
    Again Tenmagnet gave really good advice on flaking, which is currently my SP. He did rehearse some info on phone game and then continued on how to prevent those flakes. In case you do get a lot of flakes, it's because of the damn Cosmo magazine! I really thought I could solve my SP now with this info in mind. Good talk! Grade: A

    Venue Filtering (Sinn, Savoy)
    Always wondered why you were never attracted to the girls you met at the clubs? Well, then you chose the wrong venue! IF you're looking for a specific type of girl, then you must of course go to the right venue. Simple, huh? Well I never actually looked at it that way and that really changed my view on certain things. They also talked about how to attract girl at places were you frequent already. The pointers given on types of venue were very good (like for SNL you need something that pumps state) and so on. Grade: A

    One Night Stands (Sinn)
    I was looking forward to this one, because I've been reading Sinn's and CJ's blog for a while now, and I've always wandered what strategies they used. Sinn gave a lot of free info on this were you can grasp the concepts of getting SNLs. He talked about his experiences and what the best strategies, venues and techniques are for SNL game. The psychology behind all this was also very interesting. Grade: A+

    Day Game (Sinn)
    I've been doing a lot of daygame lately, but still struggling. Again, Sinn gave a lot of good tips and he also talked about his style of phone game. Specific venues are better on certain days and he kept on providing solid info. Direct game has its place during the day and he also showed how he did moving sets (something I really like to pull of well consistently). Grade: A

    Online Game (Cajun, Tenmagnet)
    I'm not really a big fan of online game, but Cajun and Tenmagnet gave some good arguments on why you should experiment with it. The info was good and they shared some cool stories on how online gaming helped them survive and get laid. The tips given were useful and online gaming is something I definitly going to give a try now. Grade: B+

    Overall, this was an awesome weekend. I learned so much and it was fun to see the instructors in real life. They were all very approachable and nice to the attendants outside of the talks. $950 is a lot of money, but this conference was definitly worth it. I had the chance to talk to Sinn for a bit and that guy is just a genius, packed with information, and was my favorite speaker. Braddock is also a very cool guy with a great sense of humor, and I liked dahunter's style of game. If there is a superconference next year, you should definitly go. It will boost your game!

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    My Story.

    My dad is a pastor, my mom is emotionally volatile, in other words I've grown up in a high-pressure environment my entire life. Growing up in Salinas (primarily white and hispanic) for the first 15 years of my life as a skinny dorky Asian only added to the pain. Throughout my life I've devised ways to "force" self-development. My primary tactic has been to make decisions without "thinking" too much, and simply doing. Looking back, I realize that I was simply making decisions before my limiting mind could speak a word. (This idea parallels defeating approach anxiety).

    I had registered to attend a large conference in Reno, NV, on the same weekend Feb 22-24 with my business fraternity, and had already paid a $20 deposit, a $25 late fee, and the additional $40 to attend. I was told that if I would cancel, I would be charged another $15. With little hesitation I immediately signed up for the superconference and threw down the money to secure my spot.

    Ten hours. As I sat in my car and turned on my GPS, it said TEN HOURS until I reached Vegas. With my girlfriend frowning in the background, I turned the key and sped off. Weather forecasts predicted rainy storms, but the first two to three hours were full of yellow sunshine, bright green grassy hills (like in paintings), bright blue skies, heavenly white clouds above the road. I could feel it: I had made the right choice. Suspense. Adventure. Independence. Freedom.

    I checked into my room and went to sleep. Waking up the next morning, I was literally terrified out of my mind, wondering if I had actually driven 10 hours to Sin City to learn how to pick up women. "Is this fucking real? I... I can't do this... I need to go home... This was a mistake... My life back home is fine. What are you doing???"

    I figured I'd make the best of my time, and so I got out of my shell and exchanged introductions with the other attendees. I was so surprised at everyone's high levels of positive energy, and when I heard the instructors speak, I was instantly blown away.

    Every word that they spoke struck me with an "AHA!" moment, and shot my motivation up the roof. I wanted to change. Fuck my life before, I wanted this joy they had. Sinn, Badboy, Savoy, and Daniel's seminars hit me the hardest. They were so down to earth that I felt I had a chance of becoming like them. I had already gotten my money's worth.

    I had several relationships before, and only a few of them were sexual. I had never done a truly "cold" approach, in a location entirely of strangers. The trembling accelerated, the sweat was dripped, my heart raced. I want to go home. I have a girlfriend. I have enough experience with women. I don't need this. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

    GO APPROACH THAT SET!, Soul commanded me. PLEASE, can we start with uglier girls first, I begged him. I approached a two-set of ugly 40+ year olds and ran my first ever canned opener. Without hesitation they shut me out. Several instructors including Soul, Moxie, and another fellow, immediately gave me feedback pinpointing exactly what I had done wrong and how to improve, step by step. Using this advice, in my next set I was able to talk for 15-20 minutes, it blew my mind and my smile was glowing. These guys were the real deal, not just some fakes trying to make some change off an AFC.

    We went to Studio 54, and that was truly the best night of my entire life. Even without the whole pickup idea, the clubbing experience was already top notch. These guys knew how to fucking party. With my instructor Fader pushing me into a single set, I met one girl and I instantly felt a connection, making me comfortable enough to go through the "game" step by step in my head, slowly and steadily. I could instantly see the attraction and qualification methods working with her, exactly as the instructors had told us. Why didn't I just try this before?

    Throughout the night, Fader, Sheriff, Helicase pushed us all. When they first told us to just go get blown out, I looked at them like they were idiots. Only afterwards was I able to see how beneficial it truly was to anxiety. Toward the end of the night I hung out with each instructor, ending the night by talking with Fader. The man has an incredible energy, I almost thought he was on crack, but I knew it probably helps him out in sets. Fader was incredibly honest, telling me exactly how I could improve, and incredibly friendly at the same time. We sat down for some normal conversation and from interacting with him, I could feel he is a truly kind and warm guy at heart.

    Though I didn't get as far as the other students, I took a lot of self-evaluation and learned a lot about myself during this experience. It changed my life overnight, and continues to do so.

    I usually never talk to my parents deeper than an informational level, but I called my mom Monday night, and we had a deep conversation for half an hour about my life and about her's. It literally almost brought me to tears when I got off the phone with her; also making me realize how much I've changed over this past weekend. She told me how much she enjoyed the conversation, and I agreed. A conversation beyond an informational level hasn't happened in over 5-10 years.

    Before that, I had dinner with a good friend of mine and we also had a really deep conversation about everything. He commented on how very different I am now, after coming out of this conference. All the attendees and instructors have changed my life and my eyes have been opened to new perspectives once more.

    I used to smoke a lot of weed but gave it up before coming to the conference, as I saw it was hindering my growth in the game. I'm very glad i did, and I'm glad I didn't use alcohol as a crutch during our field tests. Although I didn't "close" my sets, it made me realize that beautiful women are susceptible to my charm too, and that I didn't just get "lucky" with my current girlfriend. It's simply a matter of communicating properly with women, I owe that one to Savoy's female psychology seminar in particular. In fact, I can now look back on my past relationships and deduce exactly where they fucked up.

    Coming into the conference, I couldn't even open a set properly, but after that first failed set, the learning has never stopped.

    Every single one of you has had an impact on me. Life has meaning again. Thank you so much.
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    Sinn Inner game notes

    Hey guys - great reports so far! jiggawha - props for your courage bud! SirSlick - thanks for being an awesome roommate and wingman! That was a weekend I will never forget

    I took 60 pages of hand written notes at the seminar. My index finger is still sore!

    Here are my notes from the Sinn Inner game talk, which was fricken awesome. I was one of his students at the Jan 2007 bootcamp in Arizona, and it was cool to see him again at the conference. This was the keynote that started the conference. They might not make sense, but they were helpful to me. For those at the conference, it will probably serve as a good reminder of the things he talked about. If you didn't attend the talk there is a TON of great wisdom in here.

    I will be posting more notes from the other talks as well.

    Inner Game with Sinn
    • “I wear my scars like the rings on a pimp”
    • Psychological leverage – hitting rock bottom – make decision something has to change.
    • Have honesty with yourself. Take a hard look in the mirror.
    • Perceptual Filters and Blind Spots
    • Find others who walked your path
    • You are not alone
    • Equilibrium is bad – there is no growth without pain
    • We can all help each other
    • Growing does not equal growing up
    • The Shadow – a bag that we carry
    • Identify who you want to be
    • You are responsible for your own happiness.
    • Stop looking externally
    • Be internally centered
    • Get Validation from self
    • Focus on helping others
    • You can’t help others without helping yourself
    • King Warrior Magician Lover
    • No instant fix
    • We are all works in progress
    • The self is always coming through
    • It is Easy to lie to yourself
    • Be your BEST self
    • Develop in all areas
    • Pickup is a HOBBY
    • Come from the right place
    • Indifference
    • Not give a fuck
    • The power of NOW
    • Accept NOW
    • Present is all we have – Eckhart Tolle
    • Think about the guy you want to be
    • Live by values
    • Congruence
    • Doing what you think it right
    • Write a list about the guy you want to be
    • Abundance mindset
    • 3.5 Billion women – you don’t have to get every girl
    • Positive environment
    • Leap of faith
    • Susan Jeffers- what is the worst that can happen
    • Thoughts – social programming – can’t change 30 years of programming around overnight
    • The brain gets addicted to thoughts
    • Success barriers and self destruction
    • Fear of success
    • Basic Instinct is to do what is comfortable
    • Self Image – determines how successful we can be. Lottery winners lose all their money
    • Jealousy – weak emotion – ego based
    • Who has the girls did the work
    • Praise that which you are jealous of
    • Be proactive – how can I make the most of this situation
    • Embrace quirks
    • A thing is only weird if you are ashamed of it
    • We live in a permission based society
    • Are you ashamed your family knows that you like to fuck chicks
    • Give yourself permission to be what you want
    • Most important person in a relationship is you
    • Responsibility – take it for your life
    • Don’t look to other to make it happen
    • Take responsibility when wrong
    • Game will not fix your problems
    • Women are a great barometer for your life. Fucked up women? You are fucked up.
    • Sticking points are symptoms of larger problems.
    • We attract that which we are.
    • You aren’t going to get happier with game – just get laid more.
    • The power of healthy competition
    • The way of the superior man by David Deida recommended
    • Bad friends tell you what’s good about you
    • The power of forgiveness
    • Forgiving others, gaining power
    • Forgive yourself – people are way too hard on themselves
    • Be adaptable – shit happens
    • Ridding yourself of negative influences
    • Be careful what you pick up from other people (influences)
    • Have a clear definition of what you want
    • Would you hang out with yourself? If not – change
    • Make lists – do self help – David DeAngelo on Being a Man
    • Apply information
    • Figure out what needs work
    • Write down the guy you want to be
    • How would someone describe you?
    • The only thing we can control is our reactions to a situation
    • Don’t intentionally hurt people
    • Push your boundaries
    • Have faith you can do this – little victories
    • The only real value is value to others


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    Quote Originally Posted by _Xander_ View Post
    The instructors were super patient and kept going until you got it right. Shout out to Fader and Salem on that.

    Quote Originally Posted by jiggawha View Post
    We went to Studio 54, and that was truly the best night of my entire life. Even without the whole pickup idea, the clubbing experience was already top notch. These guys knew how to fucking party. With my instructor Fader pushing me into a single set, I met one girl and I instantly felt a connection, making me comfortable enough to go through the "game" step by step in my head, slowly and steadily. I could instantly see the attraction and qualification methods working with her, exactly as the instructors had told us. Why didn't I just try this before?

    Throughout the night, Fader, Sheriff, and Helicase pushed us all. When they first told us to just go get blown out, I looked at them like they were idiots. Only afterwards was I able to see how beneficial it truly was to anxiety. Toward the end of the night I hung out with each instructor, ending the night by talking with Fader. The man has an incredible energy, I almost thought he was on crack, but I knew it probably helps him out in sets. Fader was incredibly honest, telling me exactly how I could improve, and incredibly friendly at the same time. We sat down for some normal conversation and from interacting with him, I could feel he is a truly kind and warm guy at heart.

    Every single one of you has had an impact on me. Life has meaning again. Thank you so much.
    Thanks guys it was my pleasure. If you ever swing through nyc look me up. Holla!
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  7. Vegas Superconference Review

    The conference this year was nothing short of amazing! What an awesome event! Since there have been other reviews about the structure of the conference, I will skip that and just focus on the instructors themselves.
    After an incredible experience at the superconference this year, with such a vast amount of knowledge covered, I thought you guys out there who didn't get to attend should know just who the best instructors are out there (this stuff ain't cheap, so here's the best bang for your buck as I see it):

    Fader: This guy is flat out passionate about what he does! Not only does he know his material, but he is especially good at looking at you as an individual and diagnosing what your sticking points are- even the ones that you cannot see yourself! He watched me in action and was able to give me invaluable feedback about how others were reacting to me and opened my eyes as to how they percieved me in general. I can't tell you how insightful this was and how much it helped me progress in such a short period of time! In addition to his highly enthusiastic style, he is a good dude who cares and wants you to succeed at all costs!

    Braddock: This dude is as cool as they come. The quality that makes this guy stand out is how he is able to connect with pretty much any guy - from the ultra nerd to another athletic, good looking guy in a way that you will make great strides in your game very quickly. And make no mistake about it: he has sick game! I know b/c I attended BC w/ him recently and have seen him in action more than once. I found it very easy to communicate with him and really appreciated the effort he put forth in really making me understand this stuff. Very alpha and super observant.

    The Don: I attended BC with him recently (w/ Braddock) and really liked the way he presented concepts: simple and straight to the point so everything is easy to remember. He is a great speaker and proved so at the superconference. In field, he has a very calming energy with his broad sense of humor that really put me at ease, reminding me to just have fun with the whole process and let it come to you. Super nice guy who is super witty and KNOWS THIS STUFF COLD! Brilliant guy!

    Sinn: If you know anything about pick up, you def know about him. He may be the best around just by virtue of having done more approaches than anyone else combined with how incredibly sharp he is. I was amazed at the vast amount of knowledge he has to offer as he lectured on day game, snl's, frames, storytelling - more than any other featured instructor. The only thing I would caution about being with him is that if your game is in its infancy, most of what you could learn from him will be over your head and you'll prob not understand it until you have been in this longer. I have also seen the guy in action: the real deal!

    Savoy should get a lot of credit for this production (I'm assuming he put it together) and also gave a couple of killer lectures- notably the one on female psychology- very very insightful stuff.

    Sheriff was really really awesome. He gave the most entertaining lecture about relationship management. I didn't think this was a topic that I really needed to attend, but I'm so glad I did. This guy has it together, believe me! Really impressive!

    Rokker was also a really cool guy. At the end of the seminar weekend, all the guys stood before the group and were asked to recommend an influential book for us the read. He simply said, "Look, I don't read much... I just do the shit okay." ...nough said.

    The take home message for me overall was to spend more time in the field than you do reading about it.

    Pretty much all the instructors were really good, but from my vantage, these guys really stood tall among the rest. Hope this helps...


  8. Hey man,

    Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend.

    I had a blast going out with you guys the couple of nights.

    Good luck,


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    Vegas Instructors Review - My Impressions

    In no particular order

    Badboy- This was my first time seeing him. I like how he really keeps things simple. He’s a real credit to the community. I talked to him for a bit in the lobby too. Very approachable, and just a cool guy.

    Sinn – I’ve trained with him twice before, and he’s made a huge impact each time. His talks were the main reason that I even signed up for the Superconference in the first place. The best way to put it is that he just exudes game. It isn’t really fair to say that he was the best trainer at the Superconference, because he is just on a completely different level from any other trainer that I’ve ever seen. What’s even more remarkable is that even at that high of a level he just continues to relentlessly progress his skills and knowledge. Each time that I’ve trained with him over the past 12 months or so he seems to have a completely new set of insights. If you get a chance to see him at the next Superconference, I highly recommend that you plan your schedule around his talks.

    Savoy – You can tell this guy is proud of what he has accomplished. He comes across as someone extremely intent on building his business up to the next level. He had some good stories. He did a talk on Psychology.

    Daniel of Pickup 101 - This guy had Charisma, and a great vibe. His talk was more on a philosophical level than a practical one though.

    Speer- He struck me as very specialized in his game, but I couldn’t quite figure out what that specialty was. He had a lot of attitude and talks the talks though. He comes off as more of a street hustler type, no offense.

    Cajun – Very smooth relaxed individual. He’s famous now that he won that pickup tv show thing. Extremely good body language and can break it down for you step by step how to do what he does. I had him as my coach for the opening drills. Cool guy with a lot of knowledge. He has progressed extremely fast for the time period he’s been in the community. That’s pretty inspiring. He’s another guy who keeps things pretty simple but effective.

    Brad P – He’s sort of the new guy who has been around forever. Apparently he started coaching pickup before he even knew about the community. His background in psychology & social work, and his focus on teaching the what “naturals” do brings a fresh new dimension to the game.

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    The Love Systems SuperConference in Vegas was a really exceptional experience. Considering that I only first started reading Magic Bullets on my flight over from Paris then to say I was a newbie to all this material would be a bit of an understatement!

    My experiences of the weekend (Gold Level) break down into five main sections: The seminars themselves (broken down into individual seminars below); the first fieldwork night; the second fieldwork night; and general admin.


    [HEAD START (Extra component) on Thursday evening with The Don: This was great four-hour session that got the small number who attended really thinking about many of the concepts to be covered in more detail over the coming up weekend. Both the instructors are seriously switched-on and intelligent people and as an introduction to the Love Systems staff it was an impressive start. It was a pity that so much info had to be rushed through in such little time but it definitely got my head in the right place before the main event kicked off. Seemed a bit pricey though – 4 hours for $500 vs 3 days for $950...]

    Note: The dual track programme did indeed allow a huge amount of material to be crammed into a three day conference but it was still a huge pity to sometimes be forced to miss out on a seminar or too.

    Inner Game (Sinn)
    Having had Savoy run his mini-introductory session our first real experience of the weekend was hearing Sinn talk about inner game. What he spoke about absolutely blew me away: not in terms of content as I’m already pretty aware of much of what he spoke about but more that I sitting in front of someone so highly intelligent and such a versatile speaker. NOT what I was expecting!

    My last two years have been ones of self-development and learning so many of the books and teachings he referred to were familiar. However, the way in which Love Systems decided to run this seminar first really set the tone for the rest of my weekend – that these tools and techniques are not just about getting laid but about facilitating one in maximising one’s connections with others. What those connections themselves may be is your choice but the more sorted and grounded one is oneself then the easier it is, in my experience, to draw the right people to you. Sinn was epitomising this.

    He mentioned many good books to read (e.g. The Power of Now), developmental systems (e.g. Tony Robbins’ NLP work, Self Actualisation, David D’s On Being a Man programme) and concepts about how we view ourselves and our relationship to the world around us. I would STRONGLY recommend everyone interested in their game to learn more about themselves: What are you passions in life? What would you do if you knew you had only a week to live? What would be your ideal job, ignoring money, promotion or career requirements? With regards to our truly accepting ourselves as men and being initiated into manhood then I would strongly recommend people attend one of the Mankind Project weekends (New Warrior Training Adventure).

    Opening Exercises (My primary instructor = Soul)
    This session was run with a host of instructors each taking on six or so guys to run them through their openers. I immediately felt a strong affinity towards Soul – in terms of his relaxed and down-to-earth style being backed up by being very switched on and well-grounded. We had been recommended to practice our openers with one of six indirect openers provided in the weekend documentation so I dropped my normal direct style and trialled the “What do you think of women with tattoos line?” To my surprise I found it worked really well and just how easily I could base the story around true facts about my family and friends. I am pretty sure that the more one’s lines can be grounded in reality then the more positive one’s non verbal communication will be.

    Top learning point from this seminar: “Assume that she DOES want to talk to you.”

    Advanced Attraction: Confidence and Humour (Cajun)
    A good breakdown of how one’s confidence relates to: How you approach, how you react and how you talk (content). He then followed it on with some discussion about humour. Looking back on it I would probably have learnt more in the breakout room session instead.

    Top learning point: Talk to women as if you have already slept with them and you were really good.

    Improv and Conversation Skills (Badboy & Cortez)
    This seminar mainly revolved around direct game and how one should operate when in a bar. Some of the direct kino moves that Badboy showed were absolutely awesome. “Change your belief system...” “The five emotions you must raise in her: Make her feel relaxed, then create attraction, build trust, kino, connection/soul mate.” I am pretty certain that one’s success with such moves comes down completely to one’s attitude before walking into a set. His confidence and way of presenting himself was truly inspirational!

    Out of all the instructors I think it was probably Badboy who I most frequently saw surrounded by a group of attendees, outside the seminar rooms, running through more routines and manoeuvres. Then there was also how many times his talks went past their deadline and it all really just goes to show that this guy loves to teach others!

    Social Anxiety (Brad P)
    I imagine that we have all had to deal with social anxiety at times. The most useful part of this talk was the hand-out of 18 challenges to do to reduce one’s social anxiety. These ranged from making eye contact with three strangers to moonwalking around a group of strangers to telling a complete random your deepest, darkest secret. I could have pretty easily grabbed the handout, skipped this seminar and attended whatever else was on. This isn’t a snub of BradP but more an awareness that social anxiety isn’t my biggest hurdle in this game. My self-set challenge is to do the same thing as this guy, within the next month:

    Real World Rapport and Romantic Empathy (Daniel Johnson of Pickup 101)
    “Is it possible to know a woman better than she knows herself?” I found his demeanour and angle upon meeting women interesting; quiet, unassuming and could even be seen as shy. As he admitted himself he used to be hugely shy but now has this relatively quiet but sure of himself way of presenting himself that worked really well when explaining about female psychology, rapport, romantic empathy and the such-like. A good session and it was a little unfortunate that the timings got all screwed up around his talk and he wasn’t given his full time allocation. But then what he did cover could have been covered with as much effect and in less time so maybe that was a good thing...

    Female Psychology (Savoy)
    Understanding the female mind has to be the most important way for any of us to improve our success with women; hence this seminar by Savoy was a pretty critical one. He definitely helped me learn about aspects such as: the difference between macro and micro rules, “change her mood not her mind”, where social success comes from, “it doesn’t count”, the role of men and sexual self-image. Savoy spoke well, had pretty clear lines of thought and I’m pretty sure that everyone in the audience learnt many new things during this talk.

    Carlos Xuma
    If I had to sum his talk up in one of the lines from it then it would have to be this: “Project yourself from the inside out rather than trying to get back from pickup guy to normal guy.” Carlos takes the school of thought of self-awareness and development to much higher levels. He is someone deeply aware of his thoughts and actions and the effects they may have upon others. I found this talk inspiring, not so much from a pickup point of view but really in terms of just how many ways there are for us all to learn more about ourselves and the world around us (martial arts, meditation, sales techniques, breathing exercises, rituals).

    Fashion (Brad P)
    My fashion sense is pretty diabolical so I was delighted to have my thinking prompted by this seminar. Brad P spoke well and I felt a strong affinity for the logic behind how people can develop their fashion sense. Five of the students had attended one of his fashion seminars before and I was slightly disappointed to only feel that two of them really had a style that I saw as making them stand out in some way. I loved how Brad P broke down the three different ways to upgrade your look: (1) Normal well-dressed, (2) Sexy stereotyping (find a sexy role model and copy exactly what they are wearing), and (3) Pushing the limits.

    Badboy’s sidekick (at least that was how Cortex seemed to be during the weekend) was knowledgeable and interesting to hear. About half of his seminar were filled with pretty dull questions of peoples’ regarding direct game (I love direct game but god do some students ask the most pointless and mind-numbingly trivial questions at times...). This was then followed by a great summary of his thoughts about different countries around the world from a PUA POV. Looking back on it I would much rather have attended whatever other talk was on at this time but this wasn’t so much Cortez’s fault as the fault of the moronic questions of some of his audience.

    Same Night Lays (Sinn)
    This question and answer session again highlighted just how knowledgeable Sinn is at all this and how well he can explain things to others. He just sat there on a table at the front and off-the-bat answered everyone’s questions expertly and succinctly. The realisations from this talk for me revolved around: Choosing the right venue for SNLs; setting the frame right; NEVER judging the girl for her actions; don’t got too far into comfort

    The three critical questions to have covered with a potential SNL are: “What’s on the agenda for later?”, “How did you get here?”, and “What time has she got to get up in the morning?”. Once those have been covered then you know how likely it is to happen or not...

    Day Game (Sinn)
    I loved this talk as this is my forte. Direct day game is to me the way ahead as my great desire in life is to meet people who I connect with on a much deeper level. Hence, trawling around bars and clubs is great for a quick shag but unlikely to lead to much deeper. Trawling around my favourite cafes is a completely different matter! The best learning points from this seminar were: During the day “never use more kino that you would use with your boss”,

    Sinn’s thoughts on phone game was also really useful stuff, especially as I missed all the other text and phone game seminars.

    Relationship Management (Sheriff)
    This was an excellent collection of thoughts, techniques and realisations about how to work with and around the female mind when in a relationship. Suggestions such as setting small games to work your lady through a wide range of emotions were funny to hear but also powerful when one thinks about the positive impact they can have. Sheriff is a calm and collected guy who I loved to listen too.

    Overall impression of the seminar component of the weekend.
    The seminars covered pretty much every aspect of gaming women and I felt that the silver value for money was exceptional. $950 for three days of seminars with the instructors often around between sessions to answer your questions as well was such a great deal. The only pity was it being based in the Sahara (pretty crappy venue with terrible food) and having the two seminar rooms based a fair walk from each other. However, in a strange way the distance of the rooms from each other probably helped the speakers have a better audience as attendees were much less likely to pop back and forth between the two rooms than if they had been right next to each other.

    I was genuinely shocked by how articulate and knowledgeable the instructors were. I came along to the conference rather expecting a bunch of reformed nerds who were now expounding all these ideas and strategies to use. Instead I found myself being taught by a collection of inspiring individuals – and the most inspiring of them inspired me not because of their success with women but because the way in which they are within themselves. Some of the attendees were at much earlier stages of their personal development and hence this is why I think it so important for people to learn about themselves at the same time (or preferably before) developing the art of picking up women.

    Fieldwork Night One:
    My group headed out to the Hard Rock Hotel and this is were Moxie launched his three students into their first sets of the evening. With each of us he hovered around just long enough to know that the opener had worked and we were successfully into those sets, before moving on to launch the next student in. So we are walking along and he points out a four-set for me to approach. This is the first time in my life that I am going to run a cold approach, using an indirect opener and try to start a chat with some completely random people. I reeled back at his suggestion, thinking that a 4-Set is far too tough a start for someone! But he insisted and into it I went.... to find how well the opener worked, how receptive the people were and how easy some of this really is. Ok, so after three or four minutes I ran out of things to say and had to extract but I was buzzing from the exhilaration of having broken that initial hurdle.

    The rest of the evening revolved (literally, around that damned circular bar!) run sets, meeting new people, getting one number and generally having a lot of new experiences.

    The most useful part of this night was what I did when I got back to my hotel room. I spent just over two hours writing down all the details about each set: what worked, what didn’t work, what other lines I could have used, why didn’t I return to that girl later on and chase up a certain aspect...? The realisations that I had from each set and the evening overall were priceless. Over those 14 pages of notes I saw many of the patterns of my last ten years of dating. This weekend is meant to be the first step in me challenging and correcting those patterns so let it begin here and now.

    Fieldwork Night Two:
    Blair and our group of three grabbed a taxi to the MGM and on the way Blair was constantly running through all aspects of our game with us. “What’s your opener?” “And yours...?” “And yours...?” “Ok, so how are you all with transitioning?” “How about building attractions; what routines do you use?” He was a non-stop questioning machine and this really helped me firm up some of my plans for the evening.

    We hit Studio 54, jumped the VIP queue (to the huge annoyance of those people in the VIP queue!) and were led to our private table in the VIP area. It felt good to already have a higher status before even having to utter a word!

    Blair was really exceptional over the evening: helping us in the taxi over there, spending the first 20-minutes in the club running through my game with me as I was shitting bricks at the time, then bringing loads of new groups of women into our circle for us to practice our routines on and finally at the end of the night managing to stop a group of three girls from stopping my target coming home with me... it really was quite something to see someone suddenly switch from cool, calm and conversing to this driven, sexual creature that swept women away! I got laid out of the night so I was happy! I’m not sure how many of his students got laid over the two nights (3? 4?) but I think that those numbers themselves stand testimony to him doing something pretty right with his students!

    Fader had a very professional and aware way about him. I greatly appreciated his keenness, at the end of the night, for open and honest feedback about how the evening had progressed. Definitely someone I would learn a lot from and trust.

    One bit of poor planning about the weekend was how many guys attended the first breakout room session, leading to there being a big shortage of chairs – not that this was really that important as we were pretty much immediately up on our feet and into routines. Just looked like a bit of a lack of fore-planning.

    Having the weekend in the Sahara I am sure helped keep the costs down but it is a pretty dire place (proven by the response of women when they ask you where you’re staying). Somewhere with at least one place serving slightly healthy, or at least tasty, food would be nice in the future.

    Generally the weekend ran very well, with seminars usually starting on time (a couple of major exceptions to that rule – certain instructors should be reined in a bit more in future I would have thought). The silver level was DEFINITELY worth the money; the gold level much less so as for the extra cost you could afford to go to the Superconference at the silver level & a separate bootcamp. The one advantage of the gold level is the number of instructors with whom you head out into the field (i.e. the range of skills available to help you).

    Thank you to all the instructors; my game is only just beginning and this was one hell of a way to start!
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