Winky's journal: Overcoming sticking points.

I couldn't post a reply to my older field report thread, because apparently it's older than 31 days?

Anyway, a copy paste from another forum:

Hey guys,

It was a really good day, pushing the limits of my game.

Ever since going direct once (while meeting up with one of the PUAs), I've thought of using direct again. I was over at One Utama when I got my first number close from going direct today. I've also realized the importance of social proofing during club game, and have finally overcome my sticking point of opening mixed sets.

The day started with me meeting up with another guy for the first time to go for some sarging. I opened a warm up one set indirect with 'Tiger vs Bear, which would win in a fight?'. Target responded well, I fist bumped, and ejected. I then went after a two set, going indirect with 'I was walking in the opposite direction, and I saw you. I would really regret it if I didn't come over and say hi. Hi, my name is ...'. Target was hooked. I ran the best friends' test, and I didn't know what else to do. This was my second direct approach in my entire life. It was then I realized that I could not eject without getting rejected first. How is it possible to say bye without attempting a close when I've just showed so much interest in a set? It would only seem rude. I fumbled throughout the entire conversation, despite the obstacle pointing at the target when I introduced myself to her, signifying a 'good to go' signal to continue my conversation with the target. I then left, feeling weird that I just showed so much interest in a girl and ejecting. I wonder what she felt...

After the other two guys opened a few more sets, and us having a discussion about game and cultural issues over a meal, it was then that I had my first number close from a direct approach. I saw a really attractive set walking into Forever21. I hesitated, but told myself that if it's not now, then it's never.

Winky: Hi, I'm accompanying my friend who's getting something for his gf. I saw you and I just had to come over and say hi. I would really regret it if I didn't.
*HB blushes and smiles*
Winky: Hi, my name is Winky.
*HB introduces herself*

I moved on to qualification.

Winky: I have to ask this. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Similar to the intentions of Juggler, she opened up to me after that, asking me questions about what I'm currently doing, etc. We talked about my university, and other stuff which I can't recall right now. She was participating in the conversation, 50-50, instead of 90-10 which I would expect from an indirect approach. I asked for her number, but she gave me her msn instead, asking me if I use facebook, and that she would come online during the day when she's working (didn't get her number, but at the same time an IOI by giving me hints on when I should contact her online?). And that was it. My first number close from going direct.

My friend invited me to go over to Poppy, but not being a clubbing person, I invited the PUA I just met for some club game. We met up at Bangsar later that night, and went to Poppy together.

Whilst waiting for my friend outside the club, I saw a really attractive, tall girl in red with a cross tattoo on her back. I told the other PUA that she's the most attractive girl in the club tonight. I never knew that I would eventually number close her.

We opened many groups tonight. There was just chemistry between him and me. We just kept opening. I would open the guys (which I've never done!), while he would open the girls. I would then introduce myself to the group, and that is how we mostly rolled throughout the night. I realized that it was so important to introduce myself to the males of the group, because not only would they leave us alone with the girls, the girls were more accepting of us. We opened a total of 5 groups (I think) tonight. Much more than what I've done previously throughout my career of cold approaching. I learned a really big lesson on club game tonight: engage the whole group, and mixed sets aren't really that scary! Another sticking point overcame.

I was walking down from Passion when I saw the attractive girl I saw earlier that night, sitting alone.

Winky: 'Hi, I'm Winky. What's your name?
HB: *name*

We had a really long conversation. I learned that she's very passionate about her singing. Incorporated some DHV stories and qualified her with good girl/bad girl, and whether she's adventurous or not. Gave her some SOIs, such as 'You're adventurous, I like that about you', etc, which gave really good responses. SOIs are powerful. It wouldn't be a successful close if it weren't for them.

I got her number, she asked me to come watch her sing on Thursday night, gave her a hug, and I left. I puked at the side of the road on the way home. It was a long time since I last had alcohol. I still hate it.

That sums up my fully utilized Saturday, a day when I've managed to overcome a major sticking point which I've had, and to further push my game forward. I've converted to being a direct approaching person now.

Have a good night. May the PUA force be with you