Wierd situation? Need advice

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    Wierd situation? Need advice

    Hey, Im new to these forums but I just started reading Magic Bullets after reading The Game a while back so I figured this is a legit place to seek some advice

    Anyway here's my situation:
    I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years because we wanted different things and thats fine, but I did do 1 stupid thing while I was still with her. 1 year ago I cheated on her with a girl who studies with us (we're all in the same year - facepalm). I really clicked with that girl during that time - we had classes together and we both realized we really attract eachother so in a matter of a few months things escalated to us going out together one night and getting really drunk and then having sex.

    Anyway we we're both a bit sorry after that plus I went to another country for the summer so things went cold between us for like half a year. On top of that somehow other friends and colleagues found out about our fling through one of my friends whom I told about it (makes me look even worse lol).

    Since Im single now I asked a friend who is dating her best friend to ask about how she felt about me now since I was getting mixed signals during the classes - she still found me extremely funny/amusing whenever I talked to her, but she started to not be around me when we were doing group work and overall felt more reserved towards me.
    She told her that she can't look at me the same way as she did before because she feels so sorry/guilty about what she did to my ex (who doesnt know about this, just knows we made out that night) by sleeping with me.

    I do not really have big ambitions/hopes about her as I have had other female colleagues from school show great interest and provide results since my recent split but I still find her extremly compatible with me a even just as a good friend so I can go grab drinks and stuff with her.

    Anyway sorry for the wall of text and I hope it was understandable. My question now is how do I advance my actions towards her from her on?
    Do I have any chance ever that she will see me differently or should I just try to be friends with her? Or maybe none of the above?

    Anyway Id love some advice on what plan of action to choose and also how to execute it, what to do, how much attention should I give her? Are texts okay? Etc


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    Quote Originally Posted by Briannalexi View Post
    Interesting situation.

    It's not you, it's her. You can attempt to talk about her, but there isn't a lot you can do. She associates you with a bad memory - a memory that's haunted her for quite some time. Every time she has to see you that's what she is reminded of. She doesn't want to be around that. She wants it out of her life and to just forget about it. I think the only way she could be salvaged would be if she and your ex had a conversation and got everything resolved to the point where they could be friends again which I don't see happening.

    You can try to text her man but this is pretty much a lost cause. Sorry to tell ya.

    Let us know how it goes. Cheers brother
    I actually agree with you. Its true... i think its pretty much a lost case as well. Sadly

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