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What should I do?

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Hello my name is Alexis James .I started working at this grocery store. There was this crew leader that worked there me and her started off as just saying hello then end of the conversation. Then later a few months later I showed her a funny video about my home town she thought it was hilarious then afterwards we came so much closer. We talked all the time she kept asking me all these questions about my hometown and more questions about me then finally I asked would you want to go there with me when you have some fun time. She said yes and we started planning for it everything was going really good then something happened with my dad I missed work that day and she found out about it. She stopped asking about my hometown. She kinda quit in a way but then after a while she was back to her normal self with me. She didn’t go to my hometown ( I assume because of what happened but I don’t know). Fast forward to last month (September) I wanted to get a second job to help with bills. That day was going so good me and her was talking,sharing, we was enjoying just being in the moment. My manager called me to his office to discuss what I wanted (to get a schedule worked out where I could work both jobs) she was called in there as well (he knew she thought highly of me). The talk didn’t go well at all with him she kept looking at me and the floor. He wouldn’t give me nothing to go on so I just said “I guess Monday is my last day” he goes “yeah it is”. After that we was and wasn’t done having that conversation she just goes are we done talking the manager says “ yeah” the she leaves the room as fast as a can I could try she was hurt from what happened. When I got back into the department room her mood completely changed and everything. She wasn’t talking to me and just was hurt by how the conversation went. I’ve went back a couple times basically to just see her. We share everything in the time we can talk together like nothing has changed. She asks how am doing, my dad is, Hows the new job going and more. I texted her about New York she said she was going there so I messaged her about her fb post she responded to me “hey sweetheart......”
But I tried to text her again now that I know she home I sent a message saying “how was the trip?” She never replied back.
She always calls me babe,sweetheart things like that. She does flirt with me,blushes, always misses up on her words. She is 8/9 years older than me. She is married but whenever we are together she disses him or makes him look bad.
What should I do move on or try to keep up with her?
Does she even like me?
What should I do?

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