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  1. Sarger looking for wignman with basics notions in Paris until november/2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Pulevis View Post
    Hey guys!

    Thanks guys, à tout!
  2. Where's this island?

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    When is an island not an island? When it’s the Island in St Ives, Cornwall – which is actually a headland connected to Porthmeor Beach. The grassy peninsula is a stopping-off place for migratory seabirds and wildlife watchers, hoping to spot dolphins, seals, sunfish and basking sharks in the surrounding waters. At the top is the tiny St Nicholas Chapel, which boasts panoramic views across St Ives Bay and was once used to spot smugglers.

  3. Female Sexuality- How To

    Must Wacth. Enjoy!

    Please note that it is risqué and isn't suitable for children. If you like, please feel free to share with your network. Thank you and enjoy!
  4. How would this make you feel?

    If u owed ur ex gf money like just under a grand how would that make u feel I called her crazy and told her she has psychological problems and she’s the type of girl that hangs around her exes apartment I’m obviously gonna pay her back I told her I would when I get a job

    Like knowing u said that to her but ur the one owing her under a grand

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