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  1. What should I do?

    Hello my name is Alexis James .I started working at this grocery store. There was this crew leader that worked there me and her started off as just saying hello then end of the conversation. Then later a few months later I showed her a funny video about my home town she thought it was hilarious then afterwards we came so much closer. We talked all the time she kept asking me all these questions about my hometown and more questions about me then finally I asked would you want to go there with me ...
  2. Does your man need a Spanking?? Dont know how???

    Hello ladies Im Miss Tasha and i am here to save you. Not that you need saving by some woman want to punish or discipline there husbands and dont know how or were to being.

    First things first there should always been consent for punishment both parties should agree to the terms before moving forward.

    Next its best to punish only when its needed.(Not cleaning, lazy, gambler, liar, cheater Etc.)

    Once you have targeted the reason for punishment you may proceed ...
  3. Femdom Spanking

    Subscribe now and get 30 days for only $8.50 USD! 5 discounted subscriptions left, offer ends Oct 1.

    A Enforcer of Erotic Punishment,You like to watch? I'll give you what heart desires. I offer multiple vantage points for best experience, so close - you may even feel my whip...I am Miss Tasha and I don't play , I punish.
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  4. Sarger looking for wignman with basics notions in Paris until november/2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Pulevis View Post
    Hey guys!

    Thanks guys, tout!
  5. Where's this island?

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    When is an island not an island? When its the Island in St Ives, Cornwall which is actually a headland connected to Porthmeor Beach. The grassy peninsula is a stopping-off place for migratory seabirds and wildlife watchers, hoping to spot dolphins, seals, sunfish and basking sharks in the surrounding waters. At the top is the tiny St Nicholas Chapel, which boasts panoramic views across St Ives Bay and was once used to spot smugglers.


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