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07-12-2009, 02:32 PM
This is a serious sticking point of mine. Get the girls number then then text her maybe the next day how long do i leave till i text again?

even when I was in a relationship I didnt think I had good timing when i would send a text.

I live in ireland so texting is the norm..... ringing would be way to eager after a few days of knowing her,

This is a recuring problem for me, and im loseing out on possible dates and met ups because of it. Girls have fun texting me im funny and what not so thats not the problem......

so any adivce, help and suggestions would be greatly appreicated?

The Swede
07-12-2009, 03:36 PM
According to my experience, the old advice to wait to contact to not seem to eager is just BS. On the contrary, you want to keep up the tension, connection and mood that you created between you. For me, this usually starts right away if I'm interested enough. I usually text her in the taxi on my way home (unless she is in it), wishing her a good night. If we have created an "inside joke" or something, I throw that in there, if not, some other playful and/or slightly cocky thing.

I then keep the messages flowing...sometimes for hours that night, sometimes only a few, and then resume in the morning.

If I quit at night, I usually do it in an intense part of the messaging, without telling her i need to go to bed or anything, then resume in the morning, acting like it was 2 minutes since i recieved her last message.

I then keep it up whenever i feel like it - sometimes back and forth 5 messages in 10 minutes, sometimes an hour in between depending on what I'm doing. Out of the blue, I then call her or ask her to meet up. It can be the next day, it can be 3 days down the road depending on my schedule, but in my experience, the sooner the better. Oh, and I never set up a date tree days in advance or something...since we have constant contact, I can calibrate and know when a good time is (for instance, if I ask what she's doing and she replies watching TV and seems bored), I'll ask her to meet up in an hour or so.

For me, this works much better than trying to "play cool" and not seem to eager to meet her.

07-12-2009, 06:53 PM
Thanks man that really help's, id get her number and then id set up a date straight away which revealed the tension which would have begun on the first encounter.


07-13-2009, 08:58 AM
Swede has some really good points listed. Pretty much what i do too you really have to feel what the girls responses are what shes thinking. If your getting one word text backs stop texting that day and start over the next.

If your planning dates longer than 3days away expect a high chance of getting flaked.

The Swede
07-13-2009, 09:22 AM
If your getting one word text backs stop texting that day and start over the next.

Yes, good point, one very important part of calibrating :-)