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07-11-2009, 12:42 AM
Ok i just got this message i was trying to organise a meet up before i leave, This girl i have already fully closed.

ok i have just told her i only have 8 days and this is what i get back:
"8days ay... well not long.. Guess i wont see ya... i have the biggest week at work.. season changeover! Starts 2morrow until thursday.." (she continues to speak about a present she got herself in the same tone.)

15min later
I replyed:
"ok yeah i have a full schedual aswell lol, your gift sounds awesome, well if you end up finding anytime in your schedual let me know and we will try hang out"
(trying to not sound to cut up about it and not putting it on to thick that she got the impression i was not going to see her) this was all fine.

3min later
This is the hard put, she replyed:
"As if u hacen't already set in shit with ur other lovers u met the other nite.. see you around Topss... Maybe next time ur up ok :)"
(she saw me sarging 2 really hot girls only 2 nites ago but i didnt take them home and she came over my house that nite after town i did a field report after so read it if you want http://www.theattractionforums.com/field-reports/99681-model-r1.html she HB blonde 8.5 but its kind of pointless to read sense it doesnt explain much about the situation)

Ok i donno wat to reply i dont leave untill sunday and she gets fri, sat off works so im confused? can some one please help me.

Thanks Topss. :)