View Full Version : The Cherry Stem Bet Routine/Opener

Ray Nacho
04-26-2006, 03:09 PM
This is a great club routine. It's a DHV and a qualifier rolled into one. You can even use it as an opener.
Before you run this routine, you will need to have a cherry stem already tied into a knot. Don’t worry if you don’t have any cherries. Simply ask the bartender and they will give you a cherry if they have them. Then order a drink that comes with a cherry.
Ok… here’s what you do:
You: “Hey, did you know that only the best kissers can tie a cherry stem in a knot with only your tongue? Can you do it?"
Her: “Yes/No (Whatever)” [If they say “yes”, then most of the time they will follow up with something like, “Can you?” or something similar. If “no”, that’s ok too. You can still continue the routine]
You: “Sure I can.” (If her answer was “yes”) or “I’ve never tried.” (If her answer was “no”)
You: "Why don’t you and I have a race to see who can tie a knot the quickest. If I win, (Make up a bet here that is congruent with whatever stage you might be in at that time.) And what do you want if you win? (Make sure you ask her what she wants first because she might want you to do some really embarrassing DLV or something. Don’t go there!)
Get another Cherry from the bartender or make her get a drink with a cherry if she doesn't already have one. Then, once you both have agreed to the terms of the bet; pop the stems in your mouth and let the race begin.
Now reach in your pocket and get out the stem that you tied in advance. (Make sure she doesn't see you do this either idiot!)Now start wiggling the one in your mouth around so that it looks like your trying to tie the stem. Then, reach into your mouth with the tied stem in your hand and act like you just pulled the tied stem out of your mouth. Don't do it too fast, but make sure you beat her.
Wallah...You win the bet cause you're the better kisser.