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06-13-2009, 08:42 AM
Hey. I thought I introduce myself my name is Mystes, I have been reading all attraction literature ever since "The Game". I was having great success...until I met this girl. Many people have similar problems like mine, but my problem is a lot more bizarre (at least to me):

I met a HB 8, I approached and everything was cool (I met her at a spanish course). I did everything we should do in the game and it worked excellent as usual. However, she rarely answers my phone calls/texts or e-mail. Anyone would say she is blurring and stalling and its easier to forget about her, I thought so too. but then when I see her in person, its as if nothing ever happened. she's not just being friendly, she gives me tons of IOIs, she always takes a walk with me after the lesson...etc. This is the short way of presenting my problem. I meet her she has a lot of fun and gives me lots of IOIs, on the phone or e-mail...she's like someone else!

I would give this girl up, but: 1) I want to know what is wrong, so if I give up on her without knowing the reason I wont add anything to my game.
2) I mildly like her and would like to see it work out.

So if someone knows what is wrong or have some questions that could help them help me I am more than willing.

T h e B o s s
06-13-2009, 09:19 AM
Hey buddy. I was involved in a similar situation. There was a girl I was going after, who would be the most friendly person on the planet......on the rare occasion of actually talking to her. She would ignore phone calls, and texts all the time. I would then see her at her work and she would light up. Turns out she had no interest in me at all. In fact she had quite a few problems. That's not to say your situation is the same. She could just be extremely busy. Next time you text her use some cryptic phrase like, "Guess what?" I use that one all the time, and they always respond to it. Good luck man!

06-13-2009, 05:26 PM
Thanks The Boss... But what I am looking for is why she is dong this? I know what I have to do, its either forget about her or pursue her. she might have no interest in me (as was the case with you), but I can't know for sure unless I know why she is doing this. The thing is she is not acting friendly, she is reacting to the game the she should be, but not off face-to-face. there is no reason for her to be nice or act attracted, I don't AFC on her at all.

I guess my question is if there is an explanation to her behaviour and what is it? and if it could be related to something I do in my game.

06-14-2009, 03:42 PM
Been there done that.

How long has this been going on>?

Thats wierd...Anyways this is fucked up but i actually Fclosed a girl last night in somewhat same scenario. after a 3week freezeout she came around.

Anyways what you got todo when you see her in person next time is plant a seed and looks like you've already built enough comfort since shes hanging out with you after class. But how about the attraction?

Ok so planting a seed means referring to a place you think is awesome and try to sell it to her. For instance you talk about drinks/exotic food/art etc... and tell her you know an amazing place somewhat early in the conversation. If shes diggin then keep talking.

(seeding)Now right when your about to leave. Bring up what you just mentioned about that place you've been advertising earlier. ask if shes interested in meeting up togo there sometime.

If the conversation trails off dont bother asking on the date. its got togo well and shes gotta feel comfortable or she'll probably turn it down. So save it for another time.

And theres also facebook too. :D

06-15-2009, 04:08 AM
I did what you said monopoly/ she was always interested in movies. so I'm going to take her to a special screening for some german movie (she's half german). that's on thursday, so I guess problem solved!!!

06-15-2009, 08:17 AM
I did what you said monopoly/ she was always interested in movies. so I'm going to take her to a special screening for some german movie (she's half german). that's on thursday, so I guess problem solved!!!

Well done!

Normally i wouldn't suggest movies as a date but its a diff type of film out of the ordinary. Special events like this bends the rules a bit. Now practise on escalation/kino and you should be on your way.