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06-10-2009, 09:50 AM
Hey gents, whats up?

I have learned alot on this site thanks to you all and still have alot to learn! But, its about time I gave something back for someone to use. I am very far away from even remotely being considered a 1/4 of a PUA, but I am making progress.

My text game used to suck royally, and its still not great but it has improved thanks to this forum. I would get alot of numbers and then blow it in the phone/text game cuz I was clueless! Initially, I wouldnt even get responses after my initial texts, but gradually, I started to learn the art of call-back humor and this improved. Then, I would send something lame as one of my 2nd or 3rd texts and it took me awhile to get past that too.

I am now to a point where I can pretty much get a number, have positive feedback by using call-back humor for the first couple of texts, make a phone call, set up a Day 2, and go from there! This is long ways from where I was and for all the help I have received here I am very grateful.

Anyways, I keep a journal and have been doing so for some time. I write just about everything in there, but increasingly it has been more and more about all my experiences with chicks! A good thing = )

I recently went thru a little bit of a struggle consisting of the text game which was giving me headaches and wrote about it in my journal. It is long, and maybe boring for you more experienced guys out there, but my intentions are to help out someone who was as clueless as I was when I first started.

I am definitely in no position to be giving lessons here, but maybe, someone will be able to take something from this and have more success in the future with their game, and that is my only point.

So, please excuse the length and grammar, it is just a copy and paste job from my journal. Happy reading and good luck!

June 10, 2009 – Well, I have some Jovanna updates. I have to admit (as I'm sure I've admitted before), that after reviewing some of my older posts…I really tend to over-analyze and get worked up about a lot of stuff! Sometimes, maybe even most of the time, it actually turns out to be nothing at all. But this time, I am genuinely frustrated and upset over something and as usual, it has to do with a girl, namely Jovanna.

As I told someone earlier today, I am definitely glad that most of my life’s frustrations come with my dealings with chicks! I would much rather have frustrations from dealing with chicks than not have frustrations dealing with chicks! haha I am really frustrated because I feel that Jovanna and I have, or at least had, a good thing going and now I'm losing it, or watching it slip through my fingers. I don’t know what to do! I feel this way because in the beginning of our texts it seems as though she always wrote me back, very cheerfully, and that now she is giving me no-responses. Therefore, I feel as though our emotional intensity is falling, that my status is falling, and that is all coming to an end. In short, I am starting to panic a little bit in attempts to rescue what has been built so far.

I feel very disturbed by the fact that she never initiates contact with me and this leaves me guessing as to what her investment in this really is. She does give me signs that she likes me which reassures me a little bit, but I feel as though maybe I'm blowing it. Am I expecting too much out of her? Am I moving too quickly? So, I have started to analyze my texts to see exactly where the turning point was, what I did wrong, and what I can do differently next time in order to prevent the same mistakes from occurring twice.

Text 1: It started well enough. I texted her the next day, used call-back humor, and got a response, which is all I was fishing for. She said it was “very nice to meet me” which was a positive.

Text 2: It continued well with the next series of texts. I just wanted to say something to better establish comfort for a phone conversation. More for myself than for her actually. It worked. Again, she was responsive, and cheerful which made me feel very positive. She said it would be “cool to work close to each other!” Another added positive. I felt great going into the phone call.
Phone Call 1: She didn’t answer so I left a brief message. I didn’t feel too secure in this but it would turn out to be nothing.

Text 3: I was just writing in order to re-establish contact since we hadn’t spoke in awhile. Again, she seemed very cheerful and happy to reply. She said “sorry I missed her” on the phone the night before but that she was sleeping. Another positive which erased all my doubts about the previous night’s phone call. It turns out that this went a lot better than expected. We had a great text back and forth which resulted in a Day 2 setup.

Day 2: This was quick but went well. The conversation was decent. I had a good time and Id like to think she did too. Everything up to this point had gone pretty much perfectly. It was after this that things started to get a little rocky.

Text 4: She initiated contact for the first time immediately following lunch which I thought was a positive. I didn’t really know what to say so I tried to throw in a call-back humor which was forced and I knew it. It didn’t go over poorly though. At least I got a response. In retrospect, I should have just gone with the flow and left it at likewise ; ) I then sent a funny picture message, not just to her but to a few people. She responded with a hearty laugh which I felt made up for the previous forced joke.

Text 5: Yes, yes as Neal Cassady would say. The turning point. It was Saturday. I had nothing to do and was broke on top of it. I wanted to contact her as we hadn’t spoke at all on Friday, a little bit of a break as I had planned. I was bored and curious as to what she was up to. I was hoping that the conversation would lead to something, whether it was a Day 3, an interesting text back and forth, a phone call to build comfort, something. In the end, I suppose I sent a pretty stupid text which DLV’d by saying I was pre-occupied with doing shit with my mom. She didn’t write back. I must never DLV. It was forced, partly because I was broke. Dumb

Text 6: I waited a few days to text because I had DLV’d and wanted time to recoup my losses. I texted pretty much for the same reasons as before. I wanted to establish contact and build something positive with it. Initially, it started well, but I think in the end it disintegrated. She gave me a very cheerful response which led me to believe that she had been looking forward to hearing from me, but then it went south. I believe that instead of relying on myself, I am relying too much on DHV’ing and negging, by making use of LSI’s handy texts even though I am not in attraction any longer. I think that once enough attraction is built and the comfort process begins, the use of sarcastic humor becomes less important and nicer, softer, more natural texts are required. I think I forced my response in order to be funny (see above), and it came out wrong. I did not really give her a reason to respond, and so, she didn’t, which pretty much left me miserable all night.

Text 7: Girls are very funny creatures. They sincerely confuse. I really thought I had blown it the previous day due to my forced texts. But, the first time, Jovanna fucking initiated conversation today! What the fuck! As I'm in the middle of writing all this, contemplating my life and all that I'm doing wrong, she fucking initiates text for the first time. I am honestly shocked as I thought I had blown everything. The beginning was rather choppy, but I suppose we got through it as the texting continued. I didn’t force anything until the middle when I asked her out for dinner this Saturday night. Here I forced a bit of a DHV, which I knew was risqué so I had a pull-back ready just in case. She didn’t respond to the original text, which after reading a few times I thought may have been too cocky, so I went ahead with my pull-back which she responded to saying that “she would love to accompany me to dinner” on Saturday. Positive! So maybe something is working after all. But, I think I definitely saved it with the pull-back. Otherwise, Id might be here lamenting all day again.

Conclusion: I have learned quite a bit about the game, and in particular the text game, during all of this. This is important, because while Jovanna is my focus right now, she is not my goal, so it is therefore important to learn these lessons and then move on. She is a very nice and cheerful girl with a seemingly fantastic set of fake tits and a great personality. But she's only a 6.5, maybe a 7 on a good day, and that’s not what I'm going to end up with. Of course, this is Miami Beach and my vision is skewed, so a 6.5 here is probably an 8 or a 9 in other cities. Definitely fuck-able though. I’d like to nail Leslie too, while I'm at it.

Anyways, I have learned this: Call-back humor and sarcasm are important in the beginning in order to generate responses which will make a phone conversation and Day 2 more likely. However, I feel it is very important to not force the LSI texts and other various off-the-wall texts into the conversation. Let them happen naturally. It is important to have a natural, comfort-building back and forth, and this becomes increasingly important as one gets deeper into the comfort game. It is also important, IMO, to let her send the last text, not me. I can always come up with a DHV excuse as to why I couldn’t respond back at that time. Even if just for my peace of mind, let her send the last text. Leave it hanging. If I do start to worry about how long it is taking for her to write me back, then I am focusing too much time on one chick and this is bad! I need to break myself of this habit. If that happens, I need to double the time it took her to write me before I write her back, and occupy myself with something else. I have other options! Furthermore, I think it is important to not try to do too much comfort-building in the text game. I think I screwed that up here. A text should really just be a point to something else, not a real conversation! Of course, sometimes texts can get pretty deep, but I think I was expecting too much out of my texts here. Texts should really just be set ups for phone calls or to say hi. If it leads somewhere else, fine, but don’t force it. I think most importantly, right now, my focus should be on the comfort game with this chick, and I need to lose the always cocky attitude and perennial DHV texts, otherwise, its going to come off wrong.

So, in conclusion, don’t force it, go naturally, let her end the texting sessions, and remember, maybe most importantly, have a goal with the texts! After all, they are just lead-ups to other things, not a real conversation in themselves.

06-10-2009, 10:02 AM
If you want ANYONE to read anything you post in the future, I STRONGLY advise you to find and use