View Full Version : Is my pimp hand strong or weak?

05-31-2009, 10:47 PM
I met this HB9 (truly a 9--beautiful teeth, hair, style, etc) about five weeks ago at the bar and number closed her, but I saw her a second time and acted like an AFC so I put her back in the ocean. I was waiting to text her...

....and then I got drunk. My comments will be in [brackets]. I was working all day long at the office, hanging out with friends, etc so this drew out for a really long time. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

(2:57AM) Me: Do you speak text? [Thank GOD I passed out shortly afterwards or I would have fucked this up.]

(10:40AM) HB9: Sorry i was in bed when you texted last nite.whats up?

(12:39PM) Me: I was just trying to get my friend Chester to get me out of jail. An honest mistake :) [Her name is very close to Chester]

(12:39PM) HB9: Oh crap im sorry.uok? [This girl is so beyond sweet, by the way]

(12:52PM) Me: I'm just playing with you. You get one call in jail... not one text :)

(1:06PM) HB9: Yeah i figured.had to ask tho.i know the jail thing all too well not personally tho haha

(2:14PM) Me: Never been to jail? I totally had you framed as a bad girl.... ;)

(2:16PM) HB9: I was too young to go lol im not bad tho

(2:21PM) Me: I don't believe you. We're robbing a bank. Are you shooting or driving?

(2:31PM) HB9: Im driving haha

(2:59PM) Me: Good. We need that bat-out-of-hell female driving if we're going to escape. What are you spending your 10% cut on? [I almost lost her here]

(3:32PM) Me: Shoes? Typical answer... :) [I just pretended she answered... it worked]

(3:41PM) HB9: Yeah im getting shoes and clothes as we speak

(5:10PM) Me: I knew it. Are you a Lenox girl?

(5:58PM) HB9: A lenox girl? [I almost lost her again here...]

(6:28PM) Me: Is Lenox your favorite place to shop lift? [Reframe!]

(6:32PM) HB9: Oh i never go there.i dont live in <somewhere>.i avoid malls.i just go to individual stores

(7:06PM) Me: You're not from zone six are you?! [Zone six is like murder central....]

(7:07PM) HB9: Lol where

(7:08PM) Me: The ghetto! Duh...

(7:09PM) HB9: No <somewhere> and <somewhere>

(7:12PM) Me: Ah. I just figured since you were robbing banks and shop lifting that you were from the hood ;)

(7:15PM) HB9: Haha yeah im thug

(7:29PM) Me: Thats what caught my eye. Never been much for those women with jobs and educations...

(7:31PM) HB9: Your funny [IOI.. I think]

(7:39PM) Me: They say it's because I am redheaded. I have to go pour concrete in some holes before it gets dark. Talk to you later :) [I try to disengage this conversation]

(7:40PM) HB9: Hows ure arm? Are u on facebook or myspace [Oh, she re-engages... this is an IOI?]

(7:47PM) Me: It healed fine. You must have that innate motherly instinct... and yes I am on both but I prefer Facebook

(7:48PM) HB9: Same.find me sometime

(7:51PM) Me: Well, you're going to have to give me your full name, age, weight and favorite food. I Googled 'arsonist from <bar>' but you didn't show up... [She burnt the fuck out of me with a cigarette..]

(7:52PM) HB9: Haha thank god for that.its <her name>.i will pop up

(7:53PM) Me: :) I will add you after I dig these holes. Bye!

Ok. I could NOT find this girl. She just gave me first name and an initial, but I still could not find her. What the fuck?

(9:33PM) Me: Are you messing with me, <girlname>?

(9:42PM) Me: <girlname> brings up a highly decorated fighter pilot... you didn't tell me you were so talented :) [Seriously. When I typed in her name all I got was these groups about some decorated war pilot.. I thought it was funny]

(9:42PM) HB9: Lol

(9:46PM) Me: You just add me -- <myname> [I think I fucked it up here.. needy?]

Wow, that was *really* much longer than I thought it was. What should I do, guys? Do I pick up the phone and call her now? What's up? I've never dealt with a girl this gorgeous. Where did I fuck up, and where was I strong?

06-01-2009, 12:19 AM
Your pimp hand is strong. Keep us updated.

The Lone Wanderer
06-01-2009, 10:58 AM
she sounds keen, although maybe a little flaky (which is expected of a HB9)

Not sure where you can go from facebook - that'd be almost like going backwards... maybe she is interested in checking you out through photos, networks etc before showing any sort of definate IOIs

06-01-2009, 11:12 AM
She's trying to Facebook stalk me because shes hot and if she throws off too many questions it'll show interest too soon. At least that's what I figure.