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05-31-2009, 05:26 AM
Last night, I tried the conversational transition "guess the job" for the first time after seeing The Don talk on a Youtube vid. These were used after an opener and a bit of banter.Somehow I managed to guess 2 out of 3 HB's job roles.

1st one on a two set with a wing: "So, you seem like nurses or teachers". Both were nurses; one HB was a mentor (teacher) to the other HB in training. Both HBs and my wing were astonished, saying "OMG how'd you do that!" After more banter/quals/comfort, this led to a number close.

2nd one on a solo set: "So, you're either an artist or a teacher". She was an art teacher. Again, astonished, saying "OMG how'd you do that!" When she asked what I did, I said "Let's see if our connection is two-way. What do you reckon?" She guessed one of the things that I do (music), which made for a good connection. This also led to lots of kino and a solid (I hope!) number close.

3rd: "So, you're either an accountant...[HB: "no"] or a stripper". This led her to laugh and whack my arm. Sure, I didn't actually believe she'd be either of them, but I knew that the transition would increase the energy of the conversation, which it did. When she asked what I did, I said "Guess away: time to get your payback". No close; I got pulled away by someone that I knew in the bar before much else could happen.

So, anyway... I don't actually believe I'm psychic but taking a risk and going with my intuitions had a 2:3 success rating. And the time that I wasn't sure, banter served a purpose. Result.

EDIT: Actually, can I just check out whether this is a "transistion"? -- Just thinking that it coms after an opener, some attraction, so its more of a qualifier, innit? With added attraction, if I've guessed right.

06-01-2009, 04:39 PM
love it.