View Full Version : Power balance?

05-30-2009, 12:53 AM
I met someone through a friend before I went on vacation.
We've been on 3 dates.

I was way too keen, all of the dates were organised by me ignoring any normal dating common sense :P

Date#1: We went for a drink. She was openly scepticle about our compatibility. We ended kissing in my flat.
Date#2: She came round and I cooked for her. We cuddled for hours and she left at 2am.
Date#3: We went out for a meal, talked a lot and ended just holding hands in a bar. She didnt want to come back to mine, I went for broke and said I wanted to keep seeing her, she said she wasn't too interested.

(We talk A LOT about stuff we shouldnt even be discussing yet like past relationships)

After Date#3 it turned into an argument about what went wrong. At the start of each date she misinterprets my sense of humour then finds it fraustrating that I dont immediately initiate affection. The discussion got so heated and everything seemed to be my fault so it seemed pretty dead end.

1 hour later I got a text asking if she could come round 48 hours later. She didnt turn up but her excuse was pretty concrete. Now Im seeing her tonight and tomorrow both at her advances.

Is this normal? Any tips for keeping the power balance right? Last week she was teetering on never seeing me again now Im finding myself feeling the same while shes doing all the leg work.

05-30-2009, 02:57 AM
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