View Full Version : How to deliberately hold girls off from sex?

Effortless Sheek
05-2009-21, 02:44 AM
I want a few lines to say to a girl to deliberately stop us from having sex too early, like a pressure valve I can choose to use if I feel it appropriate. I'm not talking about for weeks or anything to do with relationships here but just so that I can have the option of escalating gradually rather than it being a rushed affair and instead more sensual. I find when girl's buying temps go high they can often get 'carried away', I just dont want them taking advantage of me' lol!

The reason for this is I've had several quick extractions and the quicker it is the more pressure it is on me and the more stressful I find it and not fun. This causes my little soldier not to work. On the times when I've met the girl again and got to know her some more then my solider works relative to the amount of extra time and comfort that is built getting to know the girl. So it's definately a comfort thing for me. Once I get more comfortable with sex I may be able to shorten the time length as I get over this but for now I want to have that option of being able to put on the brakes if I choose. Even having the option may allow me the added confidence to let things happen sooner anyhow.

What are some good things to say to make the girl aware that I don't want to put out right away? I would like them isolated at my house but without the pressure to have sex so then it's my choice whether I do or not and not this feeling of obligation weighing on me, like it has done in the past.

I'm thinking maybe things like:

Lines said in a jokey manner but still that I will be willing to follow through with them should I choose:

-Hey, let's go to mine but nothing is going to happen. I don't put out on the first date.
-(when things are getting hot) Let's get to know each other a bit better first/Let's just talk for a bit.
-Let's not rush things.

I basically want to escalate with the girl but gradually and thus have some 'pressure release'/'safety valves' should I feel the urge to use them to keep things more gradual while I build more comfort so I can enjoy the process more. The main issue I've had in the past is that it's felt so rushed and 'unseductionlike'. I suppose it's like baking a cake too quickly so that it gets burned on the outside and doesn't rise properly. I actually want to take my time and savour the process rather than fumbling and rushing to stuff myself into her in the shortest time possible.

So any tips/lines along those lines would be cool.


05-2009-21, 06:44 AM
I wont address your question but rather your problem. The best way to make your "soldier" to work and at the same time make her want you for more sessions is the obvious. Lick her, finger her and at the same time try to make him go up. All the moaning and shit are bound to work in your favor. So there you have it :)

05-2009-21, 07:52 AM
saying something like "Let's get to know each other a bit better first/Let's just talk for a bit." is gonna kill the mood, make the chick feel weaird and might even give the impression ur gay or something lol

Effortless Sheek
05-2009-21, 10:15 AM
hmm, I think the best course then might be to keep escalating but at my own pace.

The more foreplay thing I think might be the/a missing element because I usualy don;t do hardly any of that so will try more of it and see how I go.