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05-20-2009, 09:22 PM
Hi guys, after having been in the game for quite a while I realize I am still only at an intermediate stage... gotten a TON of #s as well as lots of flakes, ... but still end up with tons of day2s and quite a few lays.

However, I got into this to hook up with 9s and 10s... yet i mostly end up with 7s and 8s that I kinda drop the ball on (I could get laid but I just don't care enough) I dated a 9 for a year and then another 8 for 6months. All this took a lot of time... (time is precious to me... basically its not worth my time to be cold approaching in a few yrs)

Anyhow, I am trying to develop a 'system' by which I can date a new 9 or 10 every 6 months.

Would you guys be so kind as to help tweak my plans :)

so here is my deal, i am a resident surgeon... in 2 years I'll be making anywhere from $450k-$750k in my specialty. I don't want to spend a lot of time away from work because
1. my work is all about helping the lives of others... i don't want to pull away from that to try to get laid; it just seems inherently wrong to me
2. it never hurts to make a few more bucks too (also due to the nature of my subspecialty i make more per hr as i work more)

here is how i would like to setup a system to build ATTRACTION while 1. helping others 2. making $$

1. focus only on pediatrics, i love working with kids (**attraction: protector of loved ones / warm fuzzy attraction)

2. start a philanthropic group based around this and get lots of volunteers; lots of hotties do this sort of stuff AND it also is something that is attractive to me when i see a girl be selfless... (**indirect approach to my social circle)

I think it should be easy to get around 5 groups of 30 ppl each (girl:guy ratio 75:25 as it is in most volunteer things with kids). then rotate to new groups about every 6 months... (that basically means ~115 girls i run strong indirect game with ... never have to flinch or even leave my practice) that network is likely to expand outwards but in a group of 115 girls that i basically select i'll make sure there are at least 20 girls that are at least 8.5+. also i meet some really cool guys i can help too... (**leader of men)

3. be truly excellent at what i do, i don't want to do any more cold approaching when i could be practicing my surgeries and getting even better; i am also writing a book right now (**strong social identity) patients also DHV you when you do a good job... and i love doing the best for ppl so i get lots of thank you letters... ppl notice this sort of stuff if it comes from the heart (and its tons of **social proof)

4. invite the patients with their families that i connect with best over for frequent dinner parties; buy a penthouse @ the W or another swanky hotel in the downtown area of wherever i live... but be very generous... never be a rich a$$hole (**lifestyle )

5. freuqently hold small (<60 ppl) conferences for patients and families, make the point to educate and help your patients the most you possibly can. invite some of the volunteers (esp pre meds) to give short talks on topics that you help them with (**leader of men & confidence)

6. continue wearing classy, cool clothes (*already well groomed but do this even more so...) also have some of yer new female friends in the social circle just go out and shop for you as i don't want to waste my time shopping and it makes them invest in a way they can excel at.

7. never be a jerk, always aim to help your friends, treat those in the philanthropic group as your FRIENDS! after volunteer sessions, take them out for simple things like ice cream... or dessert or sometimes dinner, take the best ones (either guys or girls) to more expensive things like basketball games etc etc. have your new friends over to your sick crib just to chill, play Wii, barbeque, come over for a dinner party, watch american idol, other stuff like that.... basically just be the leader & share your wealth with your new clan. (**wealth / leader of men)

8. have pix up @ yer place, and tell stories (esp stories involving travel) that hint of your past exploits with girlfriends... make it known you have dated some uber hot girls through pics... don't talk about it too much. (** preselection)

9. play guitar & expand to the level of having a band again (**emotionally affecting the girl & being willing to emote)

10. do 5 or 6 privates sessions with MrM or Braddock to get this shit HAMMERED down... (**expert calibration) have them observe my whole system and tweak it. this should only be about $10k... and worth every penny. i feel like they can especially help with Buying Temp attraxn... warm & fuzzy attraction is easy for me. i also feel like they could help with isolating DURING parties and closing issues / LMR issues for which I just rely on luck.

11. the ultimate thing is that i love to volunteer & help others... so i would probably do this regardless of whether it helped me meet girls or not... that is a power that gives me the ability just NOT to care that much (**willingness to walk away)

12. here is the major pimp thing i want to do, i have met a few models from cold approaches and asked them about this idea where basically i could do a date auction for my charity and they would be bidded on by wealthy guys; i wouldn't obviously be bidding on them b/c it sets the wrong frame BUT this would be a great way to build attraction and pull them and their friends into my social circle without much effort and ALSO continuing to build my identity. the dumb hos that wouldn't do this to help a charity can get lost ;) (**strong qualifications / more indirect with 9s and 10s)

most of the girls thought this would be fine to help a charity org for kids... one thought it was lame but she was also really selfish & not that hot anyhow

I KNOW that no plan is FOOL proof however, i think with help from Braddock & MrM in acing this stuff, plus the fact i already know pretty solid cold approach game using banter/storytelling/cold reads/quals and all the other techniques that things should work out pretty well.

I also know this is a plan very specific to me, but your input would be greatly appreciated... some of you guys are freaking awesome at this and it NEVER ceases to amaze me how some guys with almost no $$ and avg looks can run such sick game. (I wish I could be this great... but I know to become awesome it takes practice...which takes time... which I don't have :) Thx.

05-20-2009, 09:47 PM
Sounds like an amazing plan man good luck with it :) sounds to me like you got it planned out pretty well! I am not qualified enough to offer you any advice though I'm still learning the basics

05-21-2009, 08:16 PM
cool, how far along are you... this stuff is much less complicated than it seems.

step1: do you open? (you don't even need to transition to be good at game... if you dress/groom well and have a good vibe, some girls will transition for you... just open enough sets and you're off)

05-21-2009, 09:25 PM
btw my goal here is to create a structure that ppl can adapt to their profession so that game is more natural and based on social circle (not that i don't love cold approach... it can just be exhausting)

basically the system only involves a few CORE steps... but you HAVE to be creative to set it up... (at least to get 9s and 10s)

1. you need a way to bring people TO YOU! (not the other way around as in cold approach) the reason has to be interesting for women as well as a passion for yourself:

ie: lawyer who loves practicing sets up a group that focusses on keeping countries from getting exploited (both their ecosystems and pplz) in the production of fashionable clothes.
- lawyer lives in manhattan and has flyers & announcements at Fashion Institutes around NYC
- many hotties join this group
- lawyer puts together a list of top notch designers that obey his rules for a 'eco & world friendly fashion' and has a small boutique show based around this... he does it once a month with a different theme (seasonal / based on color / whatever)
-hotties attend event

social proof: lawyer is friend with high end designers
preselection: he is getting attention from other hot girls (who knows why... are they friends or something more?)
wealth: assumed by profession
leader of men: he created the group and is the MC of the event
protector of loved ones: lawyer tells story of how he saw ppl go through difficulties in another country and reached out to them... now he only wears xyz brands... etc

other stories the lawyer tells during the event have strongly embedded DHVs: he gets the help of some LSi instructors to make sure they are PERFECTLY calibrated stories...

3. QUALIFY & CONNECT: easy here... after the main part... the lawyer simply asks the girl questions about what she wears and why... can DHV too with teasing, roleplaying, etc,... but ultimately decides she is worthy and they think on the same wavelength. they connect and talk about other interests; music / food / travel / art.. etc. girl is throwing herself at this guy who has DHV'ed well and has qualified her... shes begging for more comfort.

4. ISOLATE vs Day2 & more comfort: can use mini isolations after qual phases OR can get trashed and take it back to the crib OR can just kick it into a day2 based on a timebridge (preferable that way you don't seem too gamey and can have multiple girls #'s for diff day2s)

with STRONG DHV & QUAL opening game, end game always seems easier.