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05-19-2009, 08:26 PM
Alright, have this HB7, she has had a crush on me since high school.
Never went out because I wasn't interested, but now am. Oh, another plus? It's my best friends little sister :D

Anywho, here is what I have so far

(Bunch of attraction, push and pull, negs)

HB7: What time you picking me up? this kind of sounds like a date.....? weird....?

Me: I'll pick you up around 7. Far as date goes, let's not call it that. More of just a get together. If it all goes well, maybe in the future we can call them dates. (I always use this line for the first "date" so the HB will be on her best behavior that night). Just going out to have some fun! Relax will ya?!

HB7: u do know I have a bf right? it's not a date, we hang out as friends.
(I did not know she had a bf but I don't give a fuck actually)

Me: yea, no pressure

HB7: k good, I do think though we should meet somewhere. (looks like she doesn't want the parents and brothers to know about her taboo mindset)

Me: Well I'm not too familiar with the area (I"m not), how about a coffee shop?

HB7: that sounds cool, (location edited)

Obviously she has a bf, so should I just go in for the BF killer routines as I KNOW she'll probably mention him again.

Thanks for the help fellas.

05-24-2009, 01:11 PM
Her BF thing cant be going that well seeing as she is willing to go out with another guy where there, from the sounds of it, has been obvious flirting. With this in mind, I wouldnt go with the intention of running BF killer stuff. Ideally you dont want him in the conversations at all. If she starts going on about him just cut the thread and stack forward with a DHV to take her mind off him and firmly onto you.
Do have the BF killer on reserve thow, that way if she really does start going on and on about him you will at least have a contingensy plan.