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04-01-2009, 11:05 AM
Well this chick hit me back up after like 5 days.. Check my other thread out here:

Anyways today this is how it went. Nothing bad everything going good still but this is how it started and I have a question on wheather I shouldnt have asked what I bold in the following text:

Her: Hii!
Me: ello mate(we are from usa.. so its funny.. no offense or anything lol) so how did u remember me today? april fools joke? lol
Her: Pssssht you never even text me(its true.. shes the one always texting me first, even tho its after a week or so..) im the one who ends up doin it
Me: um wud you like me to text you more miss? and so wats wrong with u doing it??
Her: yea.. nothin just awkward
Me: ite ill try to find some time.. buzy guy you kno.. hows its awkward..

she is still texting me and everything is going good.. but was that the right thing to say? or was that bad? and should I text her more often now since she wants me to.. I don't text her cuze i was trying to see if she will reinitiate conversation with me.. and she does every time.. so Should I send her a message once in a while.. I would like to game her but Im in Californian and wont be going bak to new jersey where she is for a few months.. so cant have any dates or anything

04-01-2009, 11:34 AM
well, it's awkward for her because women really aren't programmed to approach men first... who by nature are bigger, stronger, and more threatening.

whatever, my advice to you is yea, text her i guess. but wait a while in between texts before you text her back, so it seems like your busy doing something else/texting other people.

and drop the english thing. i used to do it at first too, but then i carried it out too long and i think girls just found it goofy... like i didn't have the confidence in my normal voice to use it.

and the fact that shes 3,000 miles away from you... don't spend too much time on her. seriously? whats the point. harness your sexual energy for picking up HB's in your immediate area, and keep in touch with this girl a little because i won't lie, it's nice to know girls from all over the country and/or world. anyway, give her the gift of missing you and cut down the texts, and artificial accent.


04-01-2009, 11:40 AM
and drop the english thing. i used to do it at first too, but then i carried it out too long and i think girls just found it goofy... like i didn't have the confidence in my normal voice to use it.


hey thx for the advice ;).. but I just do the "ello mate" and thats it lol but i mostly just do ello.. Ill add mate once in a while.. I dont keep going with the english thing after that tho

04-01-2009, 01:00 PM
I actually met a scottish girl once and, hearing her speak and knowing she was scottish i said, you know, you have beautiful lochs. thinking i was complimenting her hair, shes like oh thanks. then i go, no, i mean in scotland, there are beautiful lochs. (loch ness ect.) she got a kick out of it and i ended up f-closing one night later. girls with accents are flippin hot.

04-01-2009, 03:35 PM
I'm not really gonna say anything about your text convo. Fackt covered that.

BUT! you say your going back to nj at some point right? she'll be there waiting, in the meantime get out in your area and game.

Also, take pics in clubs, or where ever you go, with hot girls. You don't have to even know them know them, just open a set and run some game, after awhile say "we should all take a pic!" girls f*cking LOVE pictures! So as long as they think your cool they'll be like "hell yeahhh!" Put those pictures up on w.e social networking site you use and HB-nj will see 'em, and it'll be a DHV for you.

Keep texting nj girl but not to often, and off and on, keep things light hearted and funny! PLEASE do not try to run comfort from 3000 miles away.