View Full Version : Hang out with hb tonight but text help

03-21-2009, 06:19 PM
So this girl (18 years old and im 19) has history of flaking and it seems like it will be happening again. The scenario is after i came back from spring break she text me and said that we should hang-out. I asked when and she said this weekend and i said that would be good. I called her friday and asked if she wanted to chill friday and she said she is having a girls night and then i threw out Saturday night. She said ok.

So today i texted her:
me: Hey goober, i just saw the cutest little dog and thought of you.
HB: haha cause i am cute?
me: If i was to answer that question i would answer it infront of you just so i can see you smile.
HB: hahah!
Me: So i will be at your place at 9 tonight.
HB: well im actually in a terrible mood today and i coudnt be alone so im at jessie's and i dont think ill be going back there tonight..

OK, this should be a problem since this is all on campus but she seems like she wants to flake. How do i turn this around. I really dont know anything to do tonight but i just want to chill maybe go out and eat, hang out at my place and drink, and watch a movie. She is one of those hot girls but isnt an insane partier more of a bookworm, and i find that sexy about her.

I was thinking of texting her back... "I think i can do a better job than Jessie. I know a mean deep tissue massage."

I dont want to hype it though, i cant massage for shit. She responds with haha's alot but that seems like just an unresponsive response and it bugs me.