View Full Version : Ananswered text messages, phonecalls and IODs

03-07-2009, 11:44 PM
The purpose of this post is clear: I have seen so many guys asking questions like 'she doesn't return my calls, is she interested?' or 'she seemed interested but when I asked her out she declined' or 'she always seems to be busy'.

Listen carefully -

1) If she doesn't return your calls, she isn't interested. I don't mean a single call, that may be just a test.

2) If she doesn't reply to your text messages or replies rarely, she isn't interested.

3) If she seems to always be busy, she isn't interested. If she liked a guy she would find time to see him at least once. If you are a super-busy person, yet you are being introduced to a girl you like, do you really believe that you won't make the time to see her? The phrase 'I don't have time' is ALWAYS an excuse, unless she leaves a window open (for example, 'I have not much time this week but I would like to see you the next one').

4) If you ask her out and she replies with any type of excuse without stating an alternative, she isn't interested. I don't know if it was a lack of Attraction, Qualification or Comfort, the bottom point is that she isn't interested.

I will give you a specific example from my gaming life to make it clear:

I am going to a dance school the last 2 years, there is plenty of girls there.

On October I asked a girl out, a girl that was giving serious IOIs. She readily agreed and was so happy about that!

On November I asked another such girl and the response was exactly the same.

Two weeks ago I asked another girl out proposing a certain venue and she replied 'It's years since the last time I went there, I don't like it much'. Translation: 'I don't want to go out with you'. If she wanted the venue wouldn't be a problem. Put yourself in her place and think what would you do if a girl you were attracted to asked you out to a venue you don't like.

All three girls have been gamed in some degree by me (social circle type of game) and were already giving lots of IOIs.

Any of the following:

'I don't go out much.'
'I don't like it there.'
'Ok, I will call you when I can.'
'My XXX cousin/uncle/whatever is coming blah blah.'
'My job takes all my time (lol).'

They ALL mean 'I am not interested in going out with you.'

The post is not pessimistic, it's realistic, though I know it is going to be discouraging for some. Its point is to help some guys stop overthinking and overanalyzing over certain interactions, wasting their energy. I wish it could become a best of, I wish I have read something like that a while ago, it would have saved me from a lot of frustration.

Keep gaming!