View Full Version : texting/interaction critique plzzz

03-02-2009, 06:49 PM
Ive been gaming this hb9 since she saw me dj a huge party one night. Pretty much had the upper hand the whole couple weeks weve known each other. Ive been texting her, and finally she comes out and says "you always txt me why dont we ever hang out...call me if you want to hang out" (I was planning to ask her, just have been really busy).. At this point I felt there is NOTHING I could do to mess this up...

So the next day I call her set something up for a few days later... I take her out for drinks at the bar I dj at, and get her served, even though shes only 20, and introduce her to a bunch of cool people that work there, who all ask me "when are you djing next" (big dhv for me). We talk and get to know each other at the bar, but I get very little KINO with her since it was a laid back setting, and like 7 oclock. Most game techniques I was going to play, like the question game or whatever, just didnt seem right at the time. So I just told some stories and things. She was interested.

The next day I dont call/txt her. I wait until two days and this is what I text her. PS. I laid off the cocky attitude/negs on this text because I seemed a bit much in previous texts...plus im in comfort..

8:01 me: hey heey.. whatcha up to?
8:11 hb9: just woke up from a nap :) u?
8:18 me: ya I slept on and off all day, it was lovely, just watchin a movie
8:29 me: what r u doin tonight?
8:31 hb9: danielle and I are looking for a party. u?
8:41 me: maybe mikes fraternity, meet us there..
8:49 hb9: well i think were trying to stay in this general area
8:55 me: hmm ok... Ill call you later then n maybe we can meet up or somethin

She didnt answer after my 8:55 txt.

I know I was too forward with that last text but I figured I could try to take charge and she would just say ok... NOT the case. I always read on here that the guy should tell the girl that they will hang out. etc. where did I go wrong, or more importantly how long should I wait and what could I possibly reply to her to get some positive response so I can set up another time to see her?

im thinking of sending her a text or calling her 5-7 days from the day...

some texts i thought of...
me: "so you miss me yet" (this could be bad if she said no)
me: "too bad ur not 21 or you could come see me dj tonight"

plzz help guys thanks