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02-19-2009, 06:39 PM
so I have night class with this girl, and I ran alittle game on her last night in class, switched my iPhone to Notes, and wrote "have u already taken the quiz..!?" and handed her my iPhone.. (we talked once or twice before in school but strictly about the night class..) but she responded.. and she offered to give me the answers to the quiz the class took earlier (i was late.. and i just happened to sit next to her).. anyways.. she helped me out, she went out of her way for like 10 minutes just searching throughout the book for the answers.. anyways.. we "texted" back and forth.. and the last 3 texts I made some move... check it out:
me: lmao... ur parents have known u wayyy longer and I already figured u out.. somewhat rite? haha. but no no.. trust me! u don't want it.. :) (i offered her gum lmao.. that's what i meant..) and i said (ugh.. i only have another piece dork.. and i'm saving it!)..
her: then I'll just act like your super smart school girl.. 8-)
me: hmm.. I'm confused.. how can u be my super smart school girl and i don't even have ur number!? (scratches head).. hey i might share my last piece of gum.. haha
her: well.. you never asked for it! lol I'll be nice and let you keep it!-

okk.. she got alittle fun and exciting at the end.. so after that message she went up to the teacher and u know what i did!? i put my iphone to the screen where u dial a number and put it on her desk! and when she got back, i went up to the teacher! and when i got back, she saved her name under my Phone under "the 'blonde' girl :)".. :eek: I smiled and gave handed her the pack of gum, and she gave me the cutest smile ever and said "thanks". and she left.

today.. I did not see her at school (i didn't walk her route like before lol) so.. I text her... check it out:

3:44 me: whatsup "blondey"..?

352: lol umm sorry, but who is this?

3:56 me: oh did she forget?.. even AFTER we watched the greatest movie "2gether" lastnite..!?

357: haha oh! I totaly remember! Haha and my names heather! Not blonde girl! Haha

4:01 me: nice to meet u heather.. im adil. (puts hand out for a friendly handshake..) :)

402: (puts hand out for friendly handshake..) HELLOOOO :-)

4:03 me: even though this is akward. bcuz i couldve sworn i had a MALE cousin named heather. ha..ha.. :)

404: eww.. seriously?

4:07 me: yupp.. um i guess it's better than calling u my super smart school girl.. haha. that's loong.

412: Haha lol

4:15 me: hey, would u happen to know what time the fasa thing is at xxx high today?

416: hmm i am not sure :( sorry

4:18 me: np. mind if i text u later..? heather.. ;)

418: lol sure.. I might not respond right away because I'll be at practice..


Now it's 6:37.. and I'm about to hit the gym, should i hit her back up today? what should i say? should i say "soo... practice for what?" or say "hey.." or what do i say?

btw she's easily a hb9.5.. EVERYONE in school is dead crazy about her.. and she's kind preppy, so she's not my usual type, but she's too nice and shit.. u know? so what's the next best step i should take? and how should i take this from here for the next few days? should i text her back today? and tell how the fasa meeting at xxx high was a looong drag and it was dumb? ..


02-19-2009, 06:40 PM
btw she obviously is diggin me right? should i ask her? what... to do..? what if i see her at school?.. btw im 18.. senior in high

02-20-2009, 04:57 PM
Point of asking if you can text her?

02-21-2009, 08:26 AM
i dont think you should text her like askig about her day, thats AFC and nice guy style. you need to figure out text game (go look at the other threads on it) and use it to try and build attraction, not to be friend with her.

and at the risk of sounding harsh ,i dont know if shes "OBVIOUSLY" digging you at all. don't overthink little things and blow them up in your head because it will kill you in the end.